Email Archiving: A Tough Task to Get Under Control

first_imgFor the second year in a row, AIIM has released an Industry Watch study entitled “E-Mail Management: An Oxymoron?“.  This was a study of 1043 end users during August and September 2006 sponsored by EMC and IBM.  The results found that while nearly all companies rely on email for documenting certain business transactions, most organizations are very casual in how email information is archived.AIIM President John Mancini noted three problems with the casual approach towards managing email information (unmanaged email):   1  Increased volumes of email requires big costs of storage, software and people.   2  Unmanaged email means manual processes rather than automated ones and longterm this isn’t productive.   3  Unmanaged email exposes users to litigation and e-Discovery risks.46.9% of surveys organizations do not allow instant messaging in the workplace because they don’t have a way to effectively manage the content.Many companies have yet to even begun to come up with a plan for archiving their email beyond simple backups of Outlook pst files.    35% have “not yet begun” to address email management.    52% of small organizations have “not yet begun” versus 25% of large organizations    41% have started to address email management, but “much remains to be done”.Another question asked: How does your organization view email archiving?:    8.4% — a stand-along application    49.9% — The responsibility of individual employees    7.4% — part of an ECM strategy    25.5% — As part of an overall information strategy for all types of data    10.3% — No thoughts about emailClearly there is still much work to be done to get the email beast under control.last_img

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