Vancouver-based consultant group qualifies LNG development

first_imgShe also cites the need to sort out how the proponents will safety and effectively transport gas from this area to the west coast and then process and export it overseas.Finally she puts forward what she calls the ultimate test for the proponents – finding a market that is willing to take their product at a price that will cover their costs. Roslyn Kunin and Associates, without buying into the specific numbers, supports government claims that LNG has the potential to create thousands of jobs in the near future.The lead economist – a recipient of the Order of Canada – also supports the Premier’s argument that because natural gas is the world’s cleanest burning fossil fuel, LNG could result in major global environmental benefits.She uses China as an example of a country that isn’t concerned with environmental effects while extracting natural resources.- Advertisement -“They are using some very dirty carbon-based fuels – primarily coal,” says Kunin. “…The place is terribly, terrible polluted, and if they were to move from coal, or even oil, to LNG; they would be able to get the energy they need – nobody is saying we should turn off all the lights – and they would do it at a much, much lower environmental cost than using carbon-based fuels.”However, she also says while LNG development is an enviable goal, proponents must provide the answers to several questions before it can become a reality.She includes among them the ability to reach meaningful agreements with First Nations, making them true partners with real economic benefits and opportunities for employment and contracting.Advertisementlast_img

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