Sumner County Sheriff Report: August 24 – August 31, 2015

first_imgWells, Thomas37Wellington, KS700 N Jefferson, Wellington, KSWellington PDDriving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs8/29/15 Hurley, Derek20Wellington, KS415 Michigan Apt B, Wellington, KSWellington PDFailure to Appear, Parole Violation8/29/15 Brewster, James35Valley Center, KSSedgwick County Detention FacilitySumner CoHere for Court8/27/15 Marshall, Brice42Wellington, KS610 E Hillside, Wellington, KSSumner CoServing Sentence8/24/15 Belle Plaine PD Martin, Jacob30Wichita, KS501 N Washington, Wellington, KSSumner CoProbation Violation8/24/15 Potts, Mitchell42Derby, KS610 E Hillside, Wellington, KSSumner CoServing Sentence8/28/15 Ferguson, Billy66South Haven, KS100 S Anson, Wellington, KSSumner CoDriving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, Transporting an Open Container8/26/15 Smith, Johnathan28Wichita, KS11200 S Broadway, Peck, Sedgwick County, KSSumner CoDriving while license suspended8/29/15 NameAgeHome TownArrest locationAgencyChargesArrest date Caldwell PD Wellington PD15 Amos, Season35Wellington, KS501 N Washington, Wellington, KSSumner CoProbation Violation8/24/15 Sedgwick Co44 Rooker, Chevy36Wichita, KS777 Kansas Star Dr, Mulvane, KSKHPDriving while license revoked8/29/15 Argonia PD Gordin, Christopher35Wichita, KSSedgwick County Detention FacilityMulvane PDFailure to Appear8/28/15 Oxford PD O’Neal Adam33Wellington, KS211 W 4th, Wellington, KSWellington PDForgery, Theft of property/services8/27/15 Mashburn, Jesse33Wellington, KS217 E Lincoln, Wellington, KSWellington PDFailure to Appear8/25/15         Leis, Zachary21Wichita, KS610 E Hillside, Wellington, KSSumner CoServing Sentence8/28/15 DeBuhr, Karlyss53Wellington, KS715 N Gardner, Wellington, KSWellington PDDomestic Battery, Aggravated assault, Interference with LEO, Battery on LEO8/30/15 Bail Bondsman Monday 0600 to Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 8/24/2015 thru 8/31/2015  Gurley, Aaron27Wellington, KS1705 N Washington Ave, Wellington, KSWellington PDPossession of certain stimulatnt, Possess drug paraphernalia, Possession of depressant, Possession of hallucinogenic drug, Failure to Appear X28/27/15 Oneal, Greggory31Wichita, KS1400 N K-15, Mulvane, KSSumner CoParole Violation, Probarion Violation, Aggravated False Impersonation, Possession of Certain Stimulant, Possession of Paraphernalia, Driving While License Suspended8/27/15 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for Aug. 24, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2015 weekly jail bookings are as follows:  Vargas, Dominique18Wellington, KS200 N C St, Wellington, KSWellington PDAggravated Criminal Sodomy8/29/15 Sumner Co11 Byers, Kenneth37Wellington, KS623 N C, Wellington, KSWellington PDDomestic Battery, Criminal Damage to Property8/25/15 Boone, Dary51Wichita, KSHutchinson Correctional Facility, Hutchinson, KSSumner CoServing Sentence8/26/15 Meridith, Heather41Wellington, KS500 N Plum, Wellington, KSWellington PDDriving while license suspended, Failure to Appear8/30/15 Hatfield, Kaycia26Wellington, KS501 N Washington, Wellington, KSWellington PDForgery, Theft, Conspiracy8/28/15 Mulvane PD1 Hadley-Ponds, Briontae23Wichita, KSSedgwick County Detention FacilitySedgwick CoFailure to Appear8/28/15 Bergman, Lars29South Haven, KS501 N Washington, Wellington, KSSumner CoProbation Violation8/27/15 Stowell, Connie18Wellington, KS211 W 4th St, Wellington, KS 67152Wellington PDForgery, Theft of property/services, Conspiracy8/27/15 KHP2 Lopez, Angelina41Duncanville, TXKTA I-35 MP 5KHPDriving while license suspended8/29/15 Sirmons, William51Wellington, KS200 N C St, Wellington, KSWellington PDDomestic Battery8/25/15 Bookings Young, Lana52Wellington, KSWashington and 16th, Wellington, KSWellington PDAggravated Assault8/28/15 Tompkins, Lynda56Wellington, KS200 N C St, Wellington, KSWellington PDDomestic Battery8/25/15 Dall, Kyle28Wellington, KS1418 N Stewart, Wellington, KSWellington PDBattery8/25/15 KRGC Total73last_img

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