Edin Dzeko sent a special Gift as a Surprise to Grandma Sada (VIDEO)

first_imgIn the house of grandma Sada in Visoko, whose video, in which she describes Edin Dzeko’s goal, was showered with a real joy after this unusual football fan received a jersey of our Diamond.Namely, the captain of the National football team of BiH also watched this video, which is why Dzeko, in cooperation with some of his friends, decided to prepare a surprise to his faithful fan, as reported by official representative of Edin Dzeko in BiH visited grandma Sada in Visoko and handed over a valuable gift to her, a jersey of the National team of BiH with the signature of our Diamond, which means a lot to her.Take a look at the funny video and grandma Sada’s enthusiastic explanation of Dzeko’s goal.(Source:

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