In February, the Professional Exam for Business Manager in a travel agency is held

first_imgA big change is how the exam for the head of a travel agency is taken at the Ministry of Tourism, while so far it has been the practice for educational institutions to charge for the course, and they also took the exam and received a certificate of passing the professional exam.  The professional exam for a manager in a travel agency begins with the preparation of a seminar paper, which the candidates prepare independently, in a limited time of no more than eight hours, based on the task submitted to them by the Examination Commission of the day. February 22, 2020 at 9,00 p.m. to the e-mail address provided in the exam application. Candidates are required to submit a unique and complete seminar paper in pdf format to the e-mail address from which they received the assignment by 17,00 pm on the same day, with all elements of the assignment included. 1. Notice of application and fee for taking the exam for a business manager in a travel agency. The professional exam checks the knowledge and skills of candidates required to run a travel agency, while the professional exam is taken in Croatian before the examination commission at the ministry responsible for tourism. The Ministry of Tourism passed last year Rulebook on the professional exam for a manager of a travel agency,  and which came into force in September 2019 Applications for taking the professional exam are submitted until February 10, 2020 via e-mail to the address: [email protected]  Fees for the costs of the professional exam for a business manager in a travel agency, the fee is 1.000,00 kuna. Side dish: Rulebook on the professional exam for business manager in a travel agency It is the Ministry of Tourism that is conducting the exam for a business manager in a travel agency. If you want to open a travel agency or pass the exam for a travel agency manager, now is the right time to get involved. More details regarding the submission of the application and the required attachments, as well as the method of taking the exam can be found in the attachment: 2. References / Exam description PROFESSIONAL EXAM FOR BUSINESS MANAGER IN A TRAVEL AGENCY The outcome of the exam (written and oral) is to test knowledge about three topics or units. Describe the concept, tasks, role, functions, and most important services of travel agencies, as well as explain the reasons for the emergence, current development and position of different types of travel agencies in the modern structure of distribution of tourism services and finally show the specific obligations of travel agencies. is the regulated operation of travel agencies in the Republic of Croatialast_img

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