Denis Ivošević, Istria Tourist Board: Istria today is a well-organized and organized tourist destination

first_imgOn Friday, July 21, 2017, in the Adriatic Hall of the Meliá Coral Hotel in Umag, the 27th session of the Tourist Board of the Istrian Tourist Board was held, where the main topic was the report on the work of the Istrian Tourist Board for the first six months.Director of the Tourist Board of the Istrian County Denis Ivošević, who presented a semi-annual report to the Council, emphasized that coordinated cooperation between the private and public sectors in preparing for the tourist year – which Istria has been practicing as a tourist destination for many years – is still a fundamental and well-established communication protocol for Istria’s tourism players. “According to this, and a number of other key facts, Istria today is a well-organized and organized tourist destination, with a well-thought-out strategy, performance and pricing policy of the private sector / large hoteliers, which our emitting market has obviously recognized and evaluated as a competitive product. He also reminded that Istria applies a different approach in the promotion of the destination itself thanks to the findings and settings from the new Master Plan, and the success of the season, he pointed out, among other things, contributed to the organization of a dozen TOP events that took place in April, May and June. (Tour of Croatia, Polo classic, Mayor league walleyball, SeaStar festival, Fireworks festival, Salsa festival, various European and world championships…). ” Ivošević points out.He also added that in the first half of 2017, Istria continued the continuity of quality investment in PR activities and hosted a record number of foreign journalists, 266 of them and 112 representatives of tour operators, specialized agencies, airlines, and again won two major foreign awards. (Flos Olei and National Geographic Traveler) and continued the continuity of 2011, 2012, and 2013, 2014 and 2015, positioning itself as one of the leading ‘lifestyle’ destinations. In addition, it won the first GRAND PRIX WERBE 2017 award for tourism publications. ”One of the most important activities in the field of co-branding and co-marketing are well-established strategic partnerships with world-famous brands such as: BMW, CUBE, BOSCH, TURKISH AIRLINES and this year’s new important partnership with MASTERCARD. He also spoke about the successfully implemented destination campaign SHARE ISTRIA 17 as one of the most important TZIZ projects with excellent results of implementation and FLY TO ISTRIA activities related to strengthening air transport, which includes cooperation with key tour operators and agencies, and reminded that Master plan, successfully implements another key document for the development of tourism in Istria – Strategic and operational marketing plan of the destination of Istria 2015-2018, which harmonized this year’s activities. ” Ivošević concludedPresident of the Tourist Board of the Istrian County Valter Flego On that occasion, he emphasized that Istria recorded a historic result in tourism in June, achieving over 4 million overnight stays, and that record figures once again show the tourist strength of Istria, especially when we take into account that a third of total tourist traffic in Croatia; Excellent results also confirm that the systematic work and excellent cooperation between the public and private sectors, from year to year contribute to the extension of the season and the arrival of an increasing number of guests. Consequently, the role of the Istria County Tourist Board is extremely important because together with the organization of local tourist boards, the private sector and other interest groups from the tourist milieu in the target markets (especially new ones) it communicates changes, new products and motives and positions Istria as a desirable lifestyle. destination. As the first region in Croatia and the wider surroundings, Istria has been adapting its development model to the most modern and innovative management models for many years, and its long-term development is based on the principles of competitive, sustainable and responsible development. ” concluded Flegolast_img

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