first_imgIS IT TRUE the Vanderburgh County Sheriff says his office has run out of room at its Evansville Command Post and hopes to build a new one? …Sheriff Dave Wedding says the Sheriff Office is moving forward with plans to build the new Operations Center. in front of the existing jail? …Sheriff Wedding feels that building a new Command Post that it will provide more room for deputies and investigators while saving the county money because the Sheriff’s Office rent paid for its current space located on Highway 41 around $124,000 a year? …Sheriff Wedding estimates the new Command Post will cost around $1.5 million dollars to build? …we highly recommended that the Vanderburgh County Council give Sheriff Wedding request serious consideration?IS IT TRUE IceMen owner Ron Geary was seen making an obscene gesture toward a heckler who was making “obscene and nasty comments” at him at the end of Saturday night final IceMen game?  …Mr. Geary showed his human side by publicly admitting that he’s from a working-class neighborhood and family and occasionally he can get a little redneck?”  …we are less concerned about the finger pointing gesture of Mr. Geary but rather more concerned about his comment that the IceMen were forced out by the (Winnecke) administration and by the VenuWorks management?  …we hope one day Mr. Geary will come forward and present documented  facts that backs up this statement?IS IT TRUE that City officials are looking at redrawing the Arts District boundaries to boost TIF revenues? ..  the Haynie’s Corner Arts District Tax Increment Financing (TIF) fund netted in $0 dollars in 2015? …in 2016 and 2017  it has been predicted by Mr. Coures  that the income from the TIF program shall  be $0 dollars? … years ago the CCO predicted that starting a TIF program in the Arts District was a mistake?IS IT TRUE we find it laughable that Kelley Coures, Director of the Department of Metropolitan Development announced that he will propose to City Council later this year a plan to shrink the size of the Haynie’s Corner Arts District in order to grow its TIF District revenues. We wonder how you can decrease this District but make more money?IS IT TRUE we hope that the expansion of new businesses, such as the Dapper Pig, Sauced, Bokeh Lounge, Haynie’s Corner Pub, new rentals apartments at the Maybelle, Montrose and Owen Block apartments will generated additional money in the Haynie’s Corner Arts District TIF funds as Mr. Coures predicted ?IS IT TRUE that our most resent “Readers Poll”  ask the question: Have you given anyone an obscene gesture (finger) when someone insulted, harassed or cussed you in public?  …313 people voted in this poll and 293 people said they did?IS IT TRUE  one of our  “Readers Poll” questions was: “If the election was held today for the Republican primary for District 77 State Representative would you vote for” ?   …that 305 people voted in this poll?  …that Johnny Kincaid received 163 votes , Billy Garrett received 91 votes and Henrietta Jenkins had 51 votes?IS IT TRUE that next “Readers Poll” question was: Do you think that State Representative Gail Riecken should opening support a candidate in the Democratic primary? …that 424 people voted in this poll? …260 votes no, 134 voted yes and 30 people voted no idea?IS IT TRUE the final “Readers Poll”  question was: If the election was held today for the Republican primary for the 8th Congressional seat who would you vote for? …that 419 people voted in this poll? …that Dr .Richard Moss received 180 votes, Dr Larry Bucshon received 141 votes and 98 voted none of the above?FOOTNOTE: Todays “Readers Poll” question is:  Do you feel its time for the city to stop spending our hard earned tax dollars in Haynie’s Corner Arts District?FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

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