Erin Brockovich’s Facebook Post About Evansville Water Quality

first_imgErin Brockovich Facebook Post About Evansville Water QualityEvansville, Indiana… many of you have written to me about your water quality… you suffered your chlorine burnout back May 20 through the end of June.So your homes and businesses where overrun with biofilm, slime, sediment, sludge, as well as dangerous toxic levels of TTHMs and HAAs back then. The City of Evansville posted it on their webpage on May 16th… sorry if you weren’t paying attention.Your water was NOT SAFE to drink! And because of the City’s complete failure to understand the chemistry of the water they are trying to treat… I am not sure it is today FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare Footnote: Originally posted back in the summer of 2013 but reposted on Facebook in November 27, 2015.last_img

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