Albums: Siobhan Donaghy, Revolution In Me

first_imgDespite the release of two singles ‘Overrated’ and ‘Twist Of Fate’ (both included here), Ms Donaghy is probably still best known as the Sugababe who quit just as the band went massive. However, whereas the rest of the Sugababes have taken advantage of the split to make some of the most hook-ridden, catchy pop music of their career, Siobhan has made the decision to make what is being promoted as a more serious, mature album. Despite the production talents of Cameron McVey (Massive Attack, Portishead) and a clutch of young supporting musicians, her “fresh new direction” for the most part translates as sub-Dido indie-lite. Part of the problem is certainly the lyrics – clumsy rhymes and levels of wishy-washy abstraction last heard on Oasis’ ‘Be Here Now’ abound, along with risible non sequiturs such as “Here’s the paradox / We’re like presents all wrapped up” on obligatory anti-war number ‘Iodine’. In fact the only line to stand out first listen was “For every turd / There’s a turning point.” The fact that I was disappointed that I’d actually misheard a certain word (“turn”) in those lines says a lot about how much my interest was held. Musically she can certainly sing in a competent, ethereal, if non-distinctive way. McVey’s efforts, mostly drum machines, fine guitars with a dose of synths often add up to a pleasant enough track. If ‘Twist Of Fate’ (her most recent single, bordering on the engaging) left you wanting more though, you should beware as it’s the exception rather than the rule. Maybe one for those who have worn out their copy of ‘Life For Rent’ and like inoffensive pop-indie. Just don’t expect to be moved…ARCHIVE: 1st Week MT2003last_img

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