Traffic delays after two car crash outside Letterkenny Hospital

first_imgThere are traffic delays in and around Letterkenny University Hospital at present following a two-car collision.The accident happened at the main entrance to the hospital just before 1.30pm.It is not known yet if any of those involved in the crash have been seriously injured. Two ambulances are at the scene.Motorists should expect delays if driving in the vicinity.Traffic delays after two car crash outside Letterkenny Hospital was last modified: April 25th, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

5 Cloud Startups to Watch in 2011 # 5: Tropo

first_imgklint finley A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Tags:#cloud#saas Tropo is a cloud-based API for adding voice, SMS, IM and Twitter support to programming languages. The service runs on telecommunications company Voxeo‘s infrastructure. You can use Tropo to build voice operated phone menus, automated VOIP applications, voice mashups, SMS applications and more. Tropo is free for development. Once an application moves into production, customers are charged per minute for voice services or per message for SMS services. Customers pay for only what they use.Tropo competes with Twilio, which we’ve covered previously. But Tropo is developing its own following.Amber Case and Aaron Parecki, the co-founders of Geoloqi, use Tropo for their project. The pair cites features, scalability and support as the main reasons they choose Tropo.In a post on the subject, Parecki notes that “In addition to sending SMSs and calling phone numbers, Tropo can send messages over other text channels such as AIM, Google Chat, MSN, Yahoo IM, Jabber and Twitter, and can also call Skype and SIP numbers.”Tropo also allows users to set outgoing phone numbers to any number they want.“In terms of scalability – Voxeo’s network has been built out over 10 years,” says Case. “We know that what we build on it will not only be very strong, but it will be able to scale well.”The two say that Tropo’s support is always available via IRC and are extremely approachable.Tropo costs 3 cents per minute for voice services, 2 cents per SMS message and $3 a month for each phone number.Full pricing information can be found here.Tropo was founded in 2009 and is based in Orlando, FL.center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Video Tutorial: Timing Music To Your Video Edits

first_imgThis is a guest post by Brent Pierce of,an online resource for filmmakers & editors. Ever struggled to get your music to match the length of your video edit? In this video tutorial, cinematographer and video editor Brent Pierce shares a technique that can be used to seamlessly shorten or lengthen most music tracks.  Using this handy trick you can time out your music so that it sounds like it was custom made for your video edit.  Proper audio editing is important for a professional and polished product.  Never  just “fade out” your audio again!(Full transcript below) “Brent Pierce is a cinematographer and editor based out of Austin, TX. He works mainly in the church video-production world, creating content for live-environment productions. He has experience shooting short films, documentaries and way too many weddings to count.”center_img  Video TranscriptHey what’s up? This is Brent Pierce for, and I’m going to talk a little bit about editing audio to a desired length. Like if you get a full length song and you want to trim it down to about half the length, how do you go about doing that? Well, this is the technique that I use and it works pretty good.If you go to, you’ll see that they have various download lengths for their songs. You have 15 second, 30 second, a 60 second and then you have the full length track right there. So I usually download the full length track, and then I’ll shorten it to my desired length. Now I’m going to be doing this in Final Cut Pro 7, but the basic technique can be carried on through Premiere Pro, Vegas, Abbot or whatever you’re using. Basically what I’m going to do, if we look at the song in here, in our viewer, you can see the wave forms, and you can see the different sections of the song very visual. You can tell that this loud part right here is probably the chorus, and then it repeats over there. So basically what we’re going to do is we’re going to go through and listen to it and putmarkers in the different spots at the beginning of each section to kind of get a clearer view, when we do place it down here on the timeline, to get aclearer view of exactly what it is we’re looking at and what we can take out and what will work seamless between edits.Let’s listen to it here. I’m going to play some markers. Now to place a marker in Final Cut Pro you can do different things. You can press end, you can press the tilda key, or you can do shift one and that will all give you a red marker. You could also, in Final Cut Pro 7, you could do color markers which is pretty cool. If you do shift and use the one through eight up at the top, you can do different colors. So shift two will be orange, shift three yellow, shift four, and it will keep going through various colors all the way to eight which is pink. Now if you’re in Premiere Pro they don’t do color markers, but you can still do the gray markers and just mark it out the same way. It just won’t be as clear of a representation because they’re not different colors, but that’s all right.Let’s start at the beginning. Let’s place a marker there because that’s the intro and then we’ll hop into the verse here, chorus, and we’ll go on through and I’ll be placing markers as I’m listening to it and yeah, so, let’s do it. [music] Okay, so I just placed one for the verse. I’m going to jump ahead right before the chorus and I’m going to get ready to place a third color for the beginning of the chorus. [music] So I placed a yellow one there for the chorus. I’m going to go towards the end of the chorus to get ready for this little drop right here, and I’m going to put a fourth color on there. [music] Okay, now I’m going to get ready for the next section which will be…since it’s probably a verse, I’m going to use the same color that I used for this verse which is orange, so that’s shift two.  [music] Okay, place one there.Let’s get ready for this chorus again. Now since that is the chorus coming up, I’m going to do a yellow marker so it matches that chorus right there, which is shift three. [music] Okay, now there’s two sections of chorus right there. So towards the end of the chorus, I’m going to do another color which I think I left off on shift five. So I’m going to do shift five at the end of this chorus. And then for that last beat, I will zoom in there and do another color. [music]Okay, so we basically have the whole song mapped out with markers. Now another thing, if you placed a marker and you realized you wanted a different color, you can navigate through the markers with shift up and down, and that will kind of put your current time indicator on the various markers. And if you press “M” on top of those markers, you can see that it will bring this little window up and you can change the color, you can even rename it. Like if you want to go to yellow ones and you want to name it chorus one and then you want to go to the second yellow one and call this chorus two to keep it a little more organized, you can. I usually don’t because it takes a while. But you can do that and you can go in here in your browser, and you’ll see that you have your various markers with the different names. There’s chorus one that we made, there’s chorus two that we made.Anyway, what we’re going to do is we’re going to take this whole song, and we’re going to overlay it in our time line. We’re just going to drag that in there. And let’s zoom in on it a little bit. And now, if you don’t have your wave forms up in Final Cut, you click this little arrow down here and go up to show audio wave forms and make sure that is checked. If it’s not checked, it will show up like that. So, if you want to see them, I usually like seeing my wave forms to give me a better guidance on it, so.Let’s say you want to drop this to about, right now it’s at 3:30. Let’s say we want to take a couple of minutes out, maybe go to about 1:30. So an easy thing to do right off the bat that I can think of would be to take the beginning of that chorus, that’s the yellow one, you can cut that. In the beginning of the second chorus we cut that and then this whole middle section right here we take that out. So let’s right click it, ripple delete, and that will shorten it down. Now we’re at 1:55. So if we take out another 20 to 25 seconds, that will get us down to 1:30.Another thing you can do is you can cut sections in half. So since this chorus is long, you could listen through here and you could cut it in half and then cut that last section out. So let’s go ahead and do that right now. Let’s play it from the beginning of the chorus, and then whenever it hits the halfway mark I’m going to stop it and cut it. [music] Okay, so I think that was it. I think I missed it, let me listen to it again and I’ll try to stop it there. [music] Okay, right there. So let’s go ahead and cut it. I’m going to press B to get the slice tool there and cut it. Now we’ll go to the end of the chorus which we marked the end of that chorus, and we’ll cut it there and then we’ll ripple delete, and that will drop us down to 1:28 which is about 1:30 which is good.Now one thing you want to make sure is that your edits right here are seamless. So let’s go ahead and listen to one and make sure that they’re seamless, that there’s not a jump in the beat, that the tempo stays the exact same. [music] Okay, now there was a double beat there, which means it was hitting the downbeat from this track and the downbeat from that track at the same time. So we’re going to take one out. Now if we get the ripple tool, click one side and you can use the brackets to go either left or right in Final Cut Pro. So I’m going to go left one just to shorten that first clip one frame and then let’s listen to it and see what it sounds like. [music] Okay, that’s perfect. So let’s go to this next cut over here and see what, if I can get it, see what that sounds like. [music] Okay, it’s the same thing. We’ve got two different downbeats from the different clips. So let’s do the same thing. Let’s click it with ripple and then let’s bring it in one frame. Now that’s the same as getting it with the ripple tool and going over one frame like that. But instead of doing this and having to do it with the mouse, I simply did it with the bracket tool.So let’s listen to this and see how that sounds. [music] All right, there we go. That was clean. So there’s 1:30, say, we want 1:30.Now you can also do different things. You can cut the verse in half. There are different sections inside the chorus that would be easy to cut into other sections. So just listen to that, and every song is going to be different, but this is kind of the basic technique. Put markers so you can see where the verses are, where the choruses are, where the same sections are in the song and just cut them, and it will make a lot more sense.So, anyway, I hoped that helped. Again, my name is Brent Pierce for, and thanks for watching.last_img read more

Bollywood big stars endorse big brands

first_imgHrithik Roshan’s cool threads in prints and stripes and John Abraham’s white beach-boy ‘ganji’ look-now it’s possible to wear your hunky heartthrob on your sleeve, literally. You can dig into the wardrobe of your favourite celebrity, simply step into his designer shoes or drape yourself in her trademark sari. Welcome,Hrithik Roshan’s cool threads in prints and stripes and John Abraham’s white beach-boy ‘ganji’ look-now it’s possible to wear your hunky heartthrob on your sleeve, literally. You can dig into the wardrobe of your favourite celebrity, simply step into his designer shoes or drape yourself in her trademark sari. Welcome to the world of the emerging brand ambassador, who has gone from playing cursory mannequin to strategic co-creator. Because brand endorsements are no longer just about mind-boggling currency contracts, big-budget photo shoots and well-promoted public appearances. Marketers are using million-dollar celeb smiles, unique personalities and chiselled frames to not just market their wares but also to add to brand equity though sub-brands and co branding stratagems. From creative inputs to marketing mantras, stars are constructively contributing to the development of the brands.Star:  Hrithik RoshanSignature Line: The Dhoom 2 dude worked with an in-house design team on a clean and classic collection with shirts in silk and linen, tees and embellished denims.Price: Rs 1,100 onwardsEven as the definition of brand endorsements expands, fashion icons are increasingly turning designers and it’s no wonder that Bollywood is making the most of this new trend. While traditional jewellery designing labels have long been roping in celebrity names like Sunita Kapoor, Manali Vengsarkar, Maheep Kapoor and Farah Khan Ali to design signature lines and add sheen to their brand value, it is Bollywood’s youth brigade which is pushing sports stars to the back benches in the co-creating line-up.So even as Sachin Tendulkar’s co created line of health foods, called Sunfeast Sachin’s Fit Kit, was launched in collaboration with ITC Foods in March, it is Hrithik Roshan’s Signature Line for John Players that is giving fans the chance to dress like the cool Dhoom 2 dude. Classy silk and linen shirts with gel prints and placement embroidery, embellished denims and cargos bring Roshan’s style statement to fans’ wardrobes.Says Atul Chand, vice-president (marketing), ITC’s Lifestyle Retailing, “Brand endorsements by celebrities have been happening in the Indian market for quite some time across product categories. However, if brands are able to create offerings that take the endorser’s personal attributes and infuse that into the product, it makes for a rich blend that can offer more value to consumers.” Chand explains that with the Signature Line, ITC has attempted to take the association between the brand and the ambassador from one of endorsement to one of co-creation. “This has made the association stronger and leaves a lasting impact on consumers. The line enables consumers to access Hrithik’s personal style preferences through John Players,” says Chand.Star: John AbrahamSignature Line: Abraham and Wrangler worked together to bring his trademark comfort quotient into the collection with low-rise jeans, linen shirts and tees for men and racer backs, halters and hoods for the girls.Price: Rs 800 to Rs 4,000And just like Roshan, denim brand Wrangler’s “21st century urban cowboy” John Abraham, too, has launched a premium prt denim line called John Abraham by Wrangler. Darshan Mehta, CEO, Arvind Brands, says, “Testimonial advertising by celebrities has existed for years. Today, evolved consumers understand and know the stars’ life and profile and are looking at a closer brand fit.” The stars, in return, understand that they have a shelf life and they realise that this is an opportunity to create business interest and outlive their shelf life through a brand, believes Mehta.The launch of the sub-brand saw the company’s advertising relations with Abraham change to a business relationship. And it’s obvious that a sound business brain ticks behind the biker boy veneer, when Abraham says, “Consumers today are looking for something less mass, they seek individuality, thereby creating their own style quotient. They are looking for something with a thought behind it and that is what we have hoped to achieve with this line. The collection is a true reflection of my life and what I would wear daily.”Just as Wrangler created a cobrand with country singer George Strait in America, they have created an independent identity for Abraham’s line with a different set-up, packaging, fixtures and look. Besides J-fronted, zip-on straight leg, low-rise denims and funky linen shorts for the boys, girls too can borrow style tips from Abraham’s wardrobe, with denim skirts, racer back tops, halters and hoodies.Star: Celina JaitleySignature Line: The former beauty queen drew inspiration from classic textiles and lace for a range of cocktail saris and Jashn’s designers gave shape to her vision.Price: Rs 10,000 onwardsAnd it is what Bollywood bombshell Celina Jaitley wears in the public eye that has resulted in her bagging a cocreator deal as well. Jaitley, who recently launched her signature line of “cocktail and bridal saris” for Jashn, is wearing her new “visionary” avatar with elan. “I don’t like being termed a mannequin. I’m extending my artistic side with this venture,” says Jaitley, claiming her line sold out in two weeks. “I started the trend of wearing lace saris and then many in Bollywood followed suit. Industry people and fans started noticing my inclination towards saris. Jashn was monitoring this and came up with the idea of creating my own brand,” says Jaitley. “I’m not a designer, I’m a brand. I’m lending my name to a sari that has been designed to my specifications,” clarifies Jaitley who, besides the lace and sequin-splattered saris, is now working on a bridal line and is hoping to salvage Bengali textiles, kantha embroidery, gota and zardozi work. “I want to bring the romance of the’60s back with an entire range of shararas and ghararas,” says Jaitley with enthusiasm.As for the actual designing process, Jaitley believes in working like international brand names such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, “who have a certain style statement and a team of designers who bring their vision to life”. Abraham has also partnered with Sally Dayton (Wrangler’s international designer) and Ramneek Walia (its Indian designer) on his collection. “While the line reflects my vision, the designers have lent their creative and style inputs to make this design dream come true,” says Abraham, who is now hoping to take his signature line to foreign shores. “A consumer base exists wherever there is a Bollywood audience,” asserts Mehta.Star: Zayed KhanSignature Line: Khan wanted his funky image to come through in the hip range of 12 styles and showed preference for studs, rivets and metal accents.Price: Rs 1,785 to Rs 2,485Star: Kareena KapoorSignature Line: She added Bollywood bling with a diamond-studded line. The Citizen team combined her love for mother-of-pearl and Swarovski with metallic and leather straps for a separate line.Price: Rs 4,690 onwardsAnd an audience that is willing to shell out big bucks for a piece of their favourite celebrity. Price points for these signature lines are obviously higher than those for the brands’ basic lines. Jaitley explains, “A celebrity’s association adds value and can lift a label from a local entity to a widely recognised brand. Jashn is Lucknow based and is known all over the country today.” Mehta attributes it to the higher quality of imported material used, and superior production values. And even as the new Khan kid on the block, Zayed Khan, recently launched his Rockstar line of funky and cool shoes in collaboration with ID Shoes, and Citizen Watches launched two exclusive ‘diamond’ and ‘fashion’ collections with brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor, here’s a tie-up trend that is on the upswing. So even as Shah Rukh Khan provides design inputs on a signature Monaco Sixty Nine limited edition chronograph for Tag Heuer, we brace ourselves for more business bargains as celebrities turn designers and entrepreneurs and brands attempt to make the most of their starry appeal.advertisementadvertisementadvertisementlast_img read more

Video: Eric Berry Had His Triumphant Return To Kansas City After Beating Cancer

first_imgEric Berry picks off pass for the Chiefs.ATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 04: Eric Berry #29 of the Kansas City Chiefs returns an interception on a failed two-point converstion for two points against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on December 4, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)Last December, Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who played his college ball at Tennessee, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the age of 25 years old. Less than a year later, he made his triumphant return to the NFL.Thursday night, Berry played his first home game since returning. The team announced his name last, and he received an incredible ovation from the crowd. Check it out:Why We Love Sports Today: Eric Berry received standing ovation in return to Arrowhead Stadium after battling cancer.— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) September 18, 2015Berry was a two-time All-American at Tennessee and has already been named to three Pro Bowl teams in his young professional career. It’s great to see him back on the field.last_img read more

Akwesasne smuggler with Jimmy Hoffa The mysterious disappearance of Acid Adams

first_imgJorge Barrera APTN National NewsThe seer told him he should make a small feast of frybread for the dead.Leave it in the bush with a shot of whisky because someone put a hex on you using graveyard dirt, the seer said.There also is a shipment coming soon across the river, said the seer, the courier will lose it in the ice.Richard “Acid” Adams wrote these prescriptions and predictions in black ink on a white piece of paper from a Hilton hotel. The note is still kept by Adams’ mother Jolene Adams along with his braided lock of black hair.She received the braided hair in a blue Ziploc bag handed to her by Richard Adams’ former girlfriend and mother of his two youngest children. Jolene Adams received it in July 2009, the same month U.S. authorities indicted Richard Adams for smuggling marijuana from Canada into the U.S., across the river, in a Drug Enforcement Authority operation called Cash Cow.The same month he vanished. He was 46.“As soon as I touched his hair I knew he was in big trouble,” said Jolene Adams, sitting at her kitchen table in her home in the Snye section of Akwesasne which sits in Québec but is only accessible by road through the U.S.She last saw her son on July 5, 2009, a day before he and two other men roared across the St. Lawrence River from Snye in his Baja speedboat to a house Richard Adams rented from a Marina owner in Summerstown, Ont.“When he came and he told me was going to be gone for a few days I really didn’t question it because he comes and goes all the time,” said Jolene Adams.Then the days turned to weeks turned to years.Richard “Acid” Adams vanished in 2009. Photo courtesy of familyLawsuit claims West Eng Gang member involvementThis past July, the family obtained an official declaration of death from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Then, this week, the family filed a statement of claim in a lawsuit against Akwesasne Mohawk Police Chief Jerry Swamp and one of his investigators Leroy Swamp for negligence and incompetence in their investigation to find Richard Adams.The lawsuit also names several people it alleges hold pieces to the story behind his disappearance including a wheelchair bound man named Shane Maloney, a reputed high-ranking member of the Irish Mob known as the West End Gang in Montréal. Maloney is currently in a Quebec jail awaiting a 2017 trial on charges of conspiring to import cocaine into Canada as a result of a major 2012 Sûreté du Québec drug operation known as Project Loquace.It’s no secret Akwesasne’s location, straddling the Quebec, Ontario and New York State borders, make it a tempting location to move contraband goods across the international boundary. One can take a boat from the northern shore east of Cornwall, Ont., cross the St. Lawrence River into the St. Regis Village or Snye sections of Akwesasne and then drive across the U.S. border without the need of passing through customs. Just take a left onto Hwy 37 and your next stop is Boston or New York City.Many of the current smuggling routes were carved in the 1980s and early 1990s when Big Tobacco used Akwesasne smugglers to move cigarettes into Canada.The tobacco companies would export their product to the U.S. and then smuggle them back to avoid the high taxes in Canada.The business proved lucrative to some in Akwesasne, a community of farmers, artists and iron workers. Richard Adams’ father Roy was an iron worker. For some, they had a choice, work on the iron towers and bridges of America which required weeks away from family, or stay close to home and make a living criss-crossing the waters of their own territory, moving product considered illegal by two countries they didn’t necessary recognize as having jurisdiction over Mohawk land.Jolene Adams, mother of Richard Adams, holding her son’s clip braided lock of hair.For over 20 years Richard Adams lived a life speeding between the shores of the river moving contraband for the underworld.He was good at it. He made cash. Lots of cash.Then, he was gone.Adams’ sister Della Adams received a message last year from an individual in Kahnawake, a Mohawk community that sits just south of Montreal.“Truth is Richard (Acid) Adams is with Jimmy Hoffa. The same day he went to (an) old Montreal underground parking lot for a meet,” said the message.This is all the family has ever had to go one. Cryptic messages, whispers and speculation.Richard Adams is in Manila. Richard Adams is in Brazil.He’s dead.But where was the body?The family asked seers.“We have seen many seers and every one of them have the same story, every one of them have said that he’s gone,” said Joelen Adams. “He has told through the seer, he has told us that he wants us to pursue this investigation because he wants us to know how he died.”One seer said they saw a cage and a river.Operation Cash CowOn the morning of October 20, 2008, a man named Jason Baldassare drove a rented Hyundai Sonata to a compound owned by Richard Adams in Snye. Adams had previously moved a load of marijuana across the river and he gave Baldassare two hockey bags holding 27 kilograms of Quebec-grown marijuana.Baldassare drove out of Adams’ compound into a net set by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).Two weeks earlier, DEA agents, with a Department of Homeland Security surveillance craft circling above and intercepting radio communications stopped a rented Toyota Sienna minivan on Ryan Rd near Chateaugay, NY, about 7 km south of the Canada-U.S. border, with about 104 kg of marijuana.Operation Cash Cow was in full swing. Armed with informants and the smuggling organization’s radio frequencies, the DEA took down the network, which moved Quebec-grown marijuana throughout New York State, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, one member at a time.Adams fled across the river a day before the indictment against the organization was unsealed in U.S. Federal Court to a house he rented from Winston McIntosh, the owner of Whimpy’s Marina near Summerstown, Ont.McIntosh was on his deck that Monday afternoon when he saw Adams in his Baja speedboat roaring to the dock at his rented house.“It was coming awful fast…I knew they were in a hurry, I could sense it,” said McIntosh.McIntosh said there was a man waiting for Adams with an older model, green Chevy pickup truck. Adams and a second man jumped out of the Baja which then turned and roared away. Adams climbed into the green pickup truck and the third man drove off in Adams’ green Mercedes which was also parked at the rental house.Winston McIntosh, owner of Whimpy’s Marina, saw Richard Adams they day he fled Akwesasne.Trail gone coldHere is where fog begins to envelop the story.Adams may have stayed in nearby Lancaster, Ont., for a couple of days before he went to Montreal. What happened in Montreal remains a mystery, at least on the public record. It’s believe Adams at one point may have stayed at a home near Montreal owned by man named Adam Harris, who is described in the statement of claim filed by Adams’ family as someone “closely involved with the criminal operations.”Adams also met with his then-girlfriend Tanya Barilko while in Montreal. This is when he is said to have cut his braid and given it to Barilko who later gave it to his mother.Adams told some associates he was going to get a new identity and that his contacts were going to help him flee the continent.Dean Doxtator, from Oneida on the Thames First Nation, said he was one of the last to see Adams alive in Montreal. Doxtator, who is named in the lawsuit, said Adams expressed regret and remorse at the time.“He said he was sorry for what he did to the family getting into where he was in the situation,” said Doxtator. “He didn’t want to cause any burden. I think it was more like shame to his family. He knew what he was into, who he was dealing with.”Doxtator, who found out this week he was named in the lawsuit, said he is willing to say all he knows in an affidavit. He believes Adams is dead.The lawsuit also named Maloney who dealt directly with Adams. Maloney was convicted in December 2013 for ordering the beating of an off-duty Montreal cop in Mexico in January 2011 who was caught trying to take photographs of the gangsters partying with other Quebec police officers. Maloney is currently at the Rivieres-des-Prairies Detention Centre in Quebec awaiting trial on 13 drug, gang, conspiracy and firearms related charges stemming from Project Loquace.Kenny Cree, a smuggler from Akwesasne, is named in the lawsuit filed by Richard Adams’ family. FacebookAdams and Maloney are also both listed in U.S. court documents as associates of former drug king pin Jimmy Cournoyer, also known as Cosmo, who was the head of a $1 billion “drug empire” which smuggled marijuana from Canada into the U.S. and then used the proceeds to import cocaine back to Canada.  Cournoyer was linked to the Italian Mafia, the Hells Angels and the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico.Couronyer pleaded guilty in 2013 and is now in U.S. prison.The DEA investigation into Cournoyer gathered speed after agents moved against an Akwesasne smuggling ring in 2009 headed by Kenny Cree, Randy Square and David Sunday two months before the indictment was filed against Adams.The DEA managed to flip Cree, according to a New York Times article, who was facing a lengthy prison sentence.The Adams family’s lawsuit names Cree and alleges he was “instrumental in the death of Richard Adams.”APTN attempted to contact Cree through one of his lawyers, but received no response.Akwesasne Mohawk Police failed to follow leadsJolene Adams blames the Akwesasne Mohawk Police for letting her son’s trail run so cold.“I don’t know how many phone calls I made to the police station and got no cooperation and nothing, nothing from them,” said AdamsThe Mohawk police did have leads.On Jan. 27, 2010, the RCMP in Montreal told Det.-Const. Norman King that Richard Adams was “not in this world anymore,” according to an Ontario Provincial Police report from an investigation into the Akwesasne police’s handling of the case.That same month, the OPP Drug Enforcement section first told King that Adams was vacationing out of the country in the fall of 2009 and then that he was “deceased and that the family was aware of this,” said the report.Shane Maloney, high-ranking member of West End Gang. Montreal Police photoThe report also said the Akwesasne police possessed two of Adams’ cell number but never obtained a production order to track the cell phone’s usage. Both phones were in service in the fall of 2009. One cell phone, which operated on a Telus plan, was “cancelled by the subscriber” on Dec. 3, 2009.An analysis of the Akwesasne police’s investigation done for the family by Ottawa lawyer James Foord, of Foord Davies, concluded “it seems clear that little has been done to meaningfully investigate (Adams’) whereabouts.”Adams disappeared a year after his brother was killed in a traffic accident in front of his parent’s home. Jolene and Roy Adams have only one surviving child, their daughter Della.“Unless somebody has gone through a death of a child, nobody understands the pain and the grief of losing one. The gravity of the pain is so great,” said Jolene Adams. “It’s more pain because we didn’t know whether (Richard Adams) was alive or dead.”The missing and murdered men of AkwesasneThere was a bigger issue at play behind Jolene and Roy Adams’ decision to file the lawsuit and that is the high number of missing and murdered men from Akwesasne.“There is more to this court action than Richard. We have young men that have been murdered that have gone missing where the police have not done a proper investigating if an investigation ever did exist,” said Adams. “This is about our community. I am not dismissing Richard’s role in the illegal stuff that has been going on in our community, I am not dismissing that…All this stuff that is happening, they are hurting the community, they are hurting our young people. There is a whole generation that is being hurt right now because of this illegal trafficking of drugs, aliens and I don’t know what else.”As for calling out violent underworld figures, the family said they’ve moved beyond fear.“A lot of people are saying it’s dangerous. But I am 75 years-old. I don’t need to see any more than what’s going on right now. I am not afraid that something is going to happen to me,” said Roy Adams.Adams was a father to six boys.His last girlfriend, Tanya Barilko, is also named in the lawsuit.Barilko could not be reached for comment.Roy Adams, Richard Adams’ father, on the St. Lawrence [email protected]@JorgeBarreralast_img read more

Byron Buxton Is Teasing Twins Fans Again

Peter BourjosLAA311232.548.285.262 Francisco MejiaSD231131.541.309.232 Buxton is tearing it up this springMLB players by difference in weighted on-base average (wOBA) between 2019 preseason Marcel projections and spring training performance Cristhian AdamesCHC271536.533.286.247 Jose PirelaSD291531.562.303.258 wOBA Byron BuxtonMIN251130.579.297+.282 That 282-point difference in wOBA would imply a 17-point increase over projected during the regular season, good for a .314 mark when applied to Buxton’s on-base projection. That’s essentially the same wOBA Buxton had during his breakout 2017 campaign — a number that still wasn’t quite league average but was good enough to combine with his stellar defense to make him worth 4.3 wins above replacement (WAR),3Using an average of the metrics found at and FanGraphs. as opposed to the -0.4 number he produced last season. And for a Twins team that we currently project to win 84 games with a 37 percent chance of making the playoffs, even incremental improvements from a key player like Buxton could pay massive dividends in terms of postseason odds. My former colleague Rob Arthur estimated that, in the era of two wild cards, an 86-win team would generally increase its playoff probability by about 10 to 15 percentage points over an 84-win one. (The mid-80s win range is basically the steepest area for adding playoff odds with an extra win.)Now, to pump the brakes a little on Buxton’s spring: 30 plate appearances is a very small sample, and most of them have come against sub-AAA quality pitchers, according to’s estimation. Buxton currently has a batting average on balls in play of .368, much higher than his regular-season career average of .320. His biggest action items as a hitter — plate patience and strike-zone judgment — have shown some signs of life this spring, but he’ll have to sustain them all season to convince skeptics that his skills have truly improved. And Minnesota can only hope those spring homers are merely a sign that Buxton will be an average power hitter again (like in 2017) rather than the guy who didn’t hit a single home run in 90 MLB at-bats last season.4He did hit four homers on assignment at Triple-A Rochester last year.It really does just comes down to health and hitting for Buxton — defensively, on a per-inning basis, he was just as great last year as in 2017; he was also the fastest player in baseball. If Buxton can recapture a version of his 2017 production at the plate, it would be very good for the Twins in their quest to return to the American League Division Series for the first time since 2010. Minnesota added some impact free agents over the offseason (Marwin Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Blake Parker), while the division-favorite Cleveland Indians spent the winter shopping around their stars and generally resting on their laurels. Maybe the Twins are still longshots to truly knock the Indians off of their three-year perch as AL Central champs, but a healthy, star-caliber 2019 season from Buxton would make that task a lot easier. Greg AllenCLE261028.532.302.230 Lewis BrinsonMIA241334.517.274.243 Domingo SantanaSEA261028.575.344.231 Chance SiscoBAL241029.560.304.256 Minimum 25 spring plate appearances for players who have already made their regular-season MLB debuts. Stats are through Friday, March 15.Source: Brandon LoweTB241032.560.321.240 The Minnesota Twins were one of the best stories of the 2017 MLB season: Coming off a 59-win campaign in 2016, they won 85 games and made the playoffs seemingly out of nowhere. Minnesota even spotted itself an early three-run lead against the Yankees in the American League wild-card game (before promptly giving it away in the bottom of the first and ultimately losing). With one of baseball’s youngest lineups, this seemed like a team on the rise, and its best all-around player — 23-year-old center fielder Byron Buxton — had a lot to do with that, putting together a breakout season of his own.By the same token, when Buxton faltered in 2018, so did the Twins. In an injury-plagued lost season, Buxton managed just 94 plate appearances and graded as below replacement level, according to whichever metric you choose to consult. Minnesota, in turn, dipped from 85 wins to 78 and wasn’t really in the playoff picture after the All-Star break. Buxton wasn’t the only Twin to suffer a miserable 2018 decline,1Third baseman Miguel Sano, pitcher Ervin Santana and even franchise-fixture second baseman Brian Dozier — who was traded to the Dodgers at the deadline — all come to mind. but it is fair to say his absence played as big a role in Minnesota’s downfall as anything else.This spring, Buxton and the Twins are looking to recapture the spirit of 2017 — and the early returns are encouraging. Last week, the former No. 1 prospect in all of baseball hit what was already his fourth home run of spring training:It’s been part of a tear that has Buxton looking like the best hitter in baseball during the spring so far. Although spring training results are easy to scoff at, they aren’t completely devoid of meaning — and that’s something the Twins will hang on to if it means there’s a chance Buxton rebounds and helps them close the gap in the AL Central.According to my research from a few years ago, massive spring outlier performances do carry some predictive value going forward. It just takes a lot of improvement to signal real breakout potential: You need a weighted on-base average (wOBA) in the spring 17 points above projected — using the simple-yet-effective Marcel projection system — just to predict a 1-point increase in wOBA (relative to projection) during the regular season. So for most players, they’ll never hit well enough in the spring to move the needle of their season expectations very much either way.But Buxton is hitting so well that it might actually be a much-needed sign of hope for his performance this season. When we compare players’ spring wOBA with their preseason Marcel projections, no player2Minimum 25 plate appearances. has exceeded expectations more than the Twins’ center fielder: PlayerTeamAgeGamesPASPRINGProjectedDiff read more

Kawhis Defense Kept The Raptors Season Alive

If Toronto defies the odds and reaches the NBA Finals after trailing the Bucks 2-0, the Raptors’ Game 3 effort Sunday, and Kawhi Leonard’s effort more specifically, will have been the catalyst for it all.Nick Nurse and his club appeared to be hellbent on making things more difficult for Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo, doing what they could to speed him up when he caught the ball near the block and primarily deploying Leonard, the two-time defensive player of the year, on him.The result: Antetokounmpo, the likely NBA MVP, finished with an underwhelming 12 points on just 5-of-16 shooting, despite playing a season-high 45 minutes, along with seven assists and a whopping eight turnovers. The defensive resistance keyed Toronto’s double-overtime win — a season-saver given that a Raptors’ loss would have put the team in a 3-0 series hole heading into Tuesday’s Game 4.“[Kawhi’s] defense was probably the biggest key of the game,” Nurse told reporters afterwards.Sunday’s matchup data paints a jarring illustration of just how successful Leonard was in limiting Antetokounmpo. The Bucks star was effective enough, shooting 4 of 7 for 10 points, when being defended by someone other than Leonard, according to the ESPN Stats & Information Group. But when Kawhi took on the unenviable task, Antetokounmpo shot just 1 of 9 (11 percent) for 2 points — his worst showing against a single defender over the past three postseasons.1Among defenders against whom he’s taken at least five attempts during a playoff game.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Stopping Antetokounmpo, whom Leonard guarded more than twice as often as any other Raptor did, was only a chunk of what Kawhi contributed on the night. Despite laboring at times, he logged 52 minutes — a franchise playoff record — and poured in a game-high 36 points (including 8 in the second overtime while the Bucks, as a team, scored 9 in that frame). The showing was Leonard’s 10th 30-point game this postseason, making him the fourth player in the past decade — after LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant — to accomplish that feat in a single playoffs.Still, for how badly Toronto needed each and every point, Leonard’s defense was likely even more valuable. Milwaukee was just 3 of 18 on shots when Leonard was the primary defender Sunday. Even when Toronto changed the defensive look it threw at Giannis and the Bucks, the adjustment appeared to keep Milwaukee off-balance for stretches.The Raptors opted to double-team Antetokounmpo when he was near the block, a shift from what they did earlier in the series. They did this three times Sunday after doing it only once during the first two games combined. The first two doubles resulted in Antetokounmpo turning the ball over. The second one flustered Antetokounmpo so much that he jumped to make a pass before realizing no one was open and flung the ball to no one in particular.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.That pressure appeared to pay dividends a bit later in the game, too, when Antetokounmpo got whistled for a pair of traveling violations off the catch, perhaps antsy reactions to the double-teams he’d seen earlier in the contest.2In fairness, though, it’s a little hard to tell with Giannis, who led the NBA in traveling violations in the regular season, according to NBA Miner. (Before Sunday, Pascal Siakam had been defending Giannis far more than any other Raptor.)None of this is to suggest that Antetokounmpo didn’t impact the game in other ways. Yes, he was 2 of 7 at the line, and he fouled out during a tie game with 4:24 left in the second overtime, but he also finished with 23 boards and four blocks. The Raptors shot 34 percent while Giannis was on the floor, but they connected on a blistering 59 percent of their shots while he was on the bench, according to NBA Advanced Stats. Largely because of that, Toronto outscored the Bucks by 9 in the 13 minutes Antetokounmpo sat — something the Raptors, who lack Milwaukee’s depth, hadn’t been able to take advantage of earlier in the series.A handful of other factors Sunday are worth watching heading into a pivotal Game 4 on Tuesday. Toronto finally got production from Siakam and Marc Gasol, both of whom played poorly to begin the series. That happened as a handful of the Bucks’ other starters — All-Star Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe and Nikola Mirotic — went scoreless in the two overtimes and shot a combined 9 for 43 (21 percent) in Game 3.3Milwaukee got solid play from George Hill and Malcolm Brogdon, who scored a combined 44 points off the bench, while Raptors reserve Norm Powell had another great performance, with 19 points of his own.Arguably the biggest thing to focus on, outside of individual matchups, was that the Raptors were able to hold the Bucks’ transition game in check. Milwaukee had 26 transition points through the first three quarters, according ESPN Stats & Information, but then Toronto clamped down, surrendering just 5 more during the fourth quarter and the two overtimes combined. (In the two games the Raptors have either won or kept close this series, they’ve held Milwaukee to a reasonable effective field-goal rate of 56 percent or worse in transition, per Second Spectrum data. By contrast, the Bucks had an effective field-goal rate of 92.3 percent in the Game 2 rout.)But make no mistake: Leonard’s defense on Giannis slowed the Milwaukee star down and helped get Toronto on the board. And if that defensive performance proves to be repeatable, we could be looking at a long series instead of one that almost moved to 3-0 on Sunday.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

Football Barrett Price confident in new look offense and Kevin Wilson hire

OSU then-redshirt junior quarterback J.T. Barrett (16) looks for room to run against Clemson during the Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 31. The Buckeyes lost 31-0. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorThe departure of both Ed Warriner and Tim Beck did not come as a surprise to most Ohio State football fans, after two lackadaisical seasons in a row and the goose egg laid by the Buckeyes against eventual national champion Clemson. The addition of Kevin Wilson as the new mastermind behind the offense for the Scarlet and Gray has been received warmly by most fans, but it has the players even more excited. On Sunday, members of the OSU football team were honored at the first media timeout of the Buckeyes men’s basketball game for their achievements in 2016. J.T. Barrett was honored for being named the best Big Ten player by the Chicago Tribune with the Silver Football Award.Last season Barrett, who will be returning for his redshirt senior season after choosing not to enter the NFL Draft, had a roller coaster type season. From starting the year as a potential Heisman trophy candidate, to finishing it with a raw quarterback rating of 36.1 against Michigan and 12.7 against Clemson, Barrett has had better years.Now, with Kevin Wilson at the helm, Barrett could very well return to the form he was in during his redshirt freshman season when he produced 45 total touchdowns. Wilson, known for a up-tempo offense and an air-it-out approach to the passing game, has been viewed as a welcome change in the eyes of Barrett.“Just something new,” Barrett said. “I think sometimes we get set in our ways, but change is also a good thing. Change is not always bad. I think it was needed.”Wilson has coached some notable quarterbacks who have finished their college careers with trophy cases full of accreditation. Sam Bradford and Landry Jones are the most notable, but all of his signal callers have a tendency to rack up plenty of yards. Bradford threw for 50 touchdowns during his only season under Wilson’s direction, and the chance to see Barrett under a quarterback’s mastermind has many OSU fans itching to see what the new-look offense will do during the Spring Game. Although his return to Columbus for his final season seemed a lock immediately following the Fiesta Bowl, Barrett said the hiring of Wilson was a big factor in his decision.“Just trying to make sure, that if I was going to come back that, it was something I was going to do that was best for me in order for me to help and grow as a quarterback,” Barrett said. “That was part of it.”Wilson had high praise for Barrett after the Buckeyes defeated Indiana 38-17.“In my opinion, from afar, I think that’s the best quarterback in college football,” Wilson said after the game. “Some of these guys have some stats, I’m not saying it because he’s in our league — I’m not a homer. When you watch that kid play, that kid and his unselfishness … he went through a lot. He was a premier player in the country two years ago when he got injured.”Billy Price, who is following in the footsteps of Pat Elflein and returning for his redshirt senior season and moving to center, will now be under his third offensive coaching staff since arriving on campus. Although, as a whole, OSU’s offensive line performed well, there were more than a few times where the unit looked confused, or like they were blocking the wrong schemes.Price admitted after the Fiesta Bowl loss he and the rest of the team understood what went wrong, but did not delve deeper into the subject. He, like Barrett, is welcoming the change Wilson is bringing.“The offensive philosophy is going to be different,” he said. “There’s things that are going to be a lot different than they were, and it’s a positive change. We’re just looking forward to once spring ball comes and we get to see those changes, and see what we’re actually going to be working with.”OSU kicks off the 2017 season with the Spring Game on April 15 at Ohio Stadium. read more