Talles Magno: “At first the rivals tried to intimidate me”

first_imgWhat would you say about the previous season, so special to you?It was very important in my life because I made the leap to the professional team. Premiere with Vasco, which is what I worked from the beginning, was very special, a huge emotion.Did you think you would have such a quick adaptation?No, not so much, although I have always worked hard to play as I am doing in the main team. I am very happy about that.The worst was the injury that made him leave the U-17 World Cup once started, in which he was one of the players to follow and Madrid wanted to see him …It is very sad to get out of such a great competition, but thank God I am recovered and my teammates honored me. They made me very happy and we won the title. 19 How is he as a player?Very good, it ends very well, it is very aggressive in the area, it will do many goals.And as a person?Very nice, good people, with a very cool charisma. “Reinier is my ‘parceiro’. He deserves to go to Madrid for the person he is and for working so hard” Do people stop him a lot on the street?Yes, everywhere I go they ask me for photos, videos … Because of my hair, they also recognize me very fast (laughs). I feel very happy to be able to assist you.From whom do you take ideas for your spectacular dribbles?Neymar does many and sometimes I watch videos of him, but I almost always improvise.How do they come up?I try to get the best resource, simply, in every action. The best thing to get the ball in the best possible way to the partner, not to humiliate or anything to the contrary. They are different plays.Do rivals accept it as such or do they take it badly?At first they tried to intimidate me, they yelled at me a lot, but I didn’t let them get into my head. As the championship progressed, I played many games, they were seeing that haggling is my best quality and they got used to it. Magno Sizes With only 17 years, Talles Magno is giving much to talk in Brazil. In 2019 he jumped to the first team of Vasco da Gama, which renewed him with a 50 million euros clause, and won the U-17 World Cup, a tournament he had to leave due to injury. The eye-catching forward attends ACE to review his still short career and analyze his present, his future or to his friend Reinier, new signing of Real Madrid. Magno Sizes “Neymar does a lot of dribbling and sometimes I watch videos of him, but I almost always improvise” What did they say?They yelled at me “You’re not going to pass!”, “You’re not going to play here!” … but I didn’t let them influence me.Did he answer them when he was haggling them?No, no, never, I kept quiet.And what did his teammates do?They defended me a lot. Whenever I dribbled the other team’s players wanted to scare me and they reacted. There were huge pikes when I made some pretty play.Who is your ‘bodyguard’ header?Leandro Castán, the captain (laughs). Who do you look like?To Ronaldo because, like him, I move a lot, I have different resources …It renewed until 2022 in November, when the usual thing in Brazil lately is to prepare the ground to go to Europe as soon as possible. What plans do you have?I started at the base of Vasco and the extension was to increase the contract and the clause, to value me and, consequently, the club. My thought is to give the best to the team to be useful and, when an opportunity comes, take it.Where, ideally, would that opportunity be?I talk a lot with my family and what we are looking for is a better structure, anytime, anywhere if I am happy. I do not have preferences.Its clause is 50 million euros.I like it that way because my classmates and family always make me very calm, that I don’t think about it and only worry about being well in the field, without counting on what happens outside.You know Reinier very well, next player in Madrid, right?Yes is my parceiro. He deserves to go to Madrid for the person he is and for working so hard. We have a great friendship.last_img read more