Apple files for patents on contentaware TV widgets

first_imgThe rumor mill that Apple is planning to launch an Apple-branded HDTV are running at full pitch, and the news yesterday that Apple had filed for a patent involving content aware on-screen widgets for HDTVs didn’t calm them down at all. Whether the widgets mean that Apple is working on an Apple HDTV is still unclear, but it does mean they want a way to interact with you while you’re watching television or enjoying a movie.The idea of intelligent TVs that provide you relevant information as you watch the news or surf the web isn’t new at all. Web-connected TVs have been on the market since the 90s, but it’s only been recently that HDTV manufacturers and set-top box makers have found a way to make them unobtrusive and easy to use.AdChoices广告Apple’s patent filing specifically details “content-aware widgets” that would be able to determine your geographic location and know what you’re watching on television. This way, the widgets would be able to personalize information displayed on-screen for you, like news, weather, and of course, ads. At the same time, Apple’s design calls for those widgets to provide you with useful information at the same time, like a way to see more videos based on the program or movie you’re watching, like special features, director interviews, or behind-the-scenes video.Whether or not Apple is planning to roll widgets like these into an Apple HDTV is up in the air. It’s just as possible that Apple wants to patent this technology and put it into the next version of the AppleTV, or into a firmware update that makes the AppleTV device even more useful. If that’s the case, the widgets would likely only work with content provided through the AppleTV.Even so, that hasn’t stopped some analysts from concluding that Apple will start selling high-definition sets before the holiday season is out, and you’ll soon be able to go to your local electronics store and buy an Apple-branded TV set.That’s probably unlikely, but it wouldn’t be surprising for Apple to consider it. Another thing to remember: just because Apple filed a patent for it doesn’t mean a product is imminent: it just means they’re working on the technology. We’ll find out one way or the other before the fall.Read more at DailyTech, via 9to5Maclast_img read more