Chinas straddling road bus may come to the US

first_imgBack in August we heard about a new idea for public road transport in China that bypassed the problem of traffic. It took the form of a bus that is raised above the road that so vehicles can travel underneath. It sounded a bit crazy, but ultimately could work. Now it looks as though the idea may come to the U.S.Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment, the Chinese company behind the idea, has formed a U.S. company in an attempt to export the same prototype. Partners are needed to both manufacture and sell the buses, I’d suggest they also need permission to put them over existing highways.The benefits are clear to those people who don’t drive. This bus will not be held up in traffic jams and is more environmentally friendly than a car because it runs on electricity, therefore no exhaust fumes are being produced.If nothing else it forms an opportunity for new manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and for the eco-friendly nature of the buses to be held up as an example of how certain states are trying to go green. We should also be able to see the buses in action soon with China expected to get its first one operational next year.Would you appreciate one of these buses on your local highway?Read more at Wiredlast_img read more