EA says Dead Space 3 item farming is not a bug

first_imgWhen Dead Space 3 was launched last week the $60 investment required to buy the game was just the beginning of your potential spending. There was a further $50 of DLC to purchase, and the potential for micro-transactions built into the game to earn EA even more profit on the popular title.Some relief came in the form of what was thought to be a bug in the game. An exploit was discovered soon after launch that allowed a player to farm resources simply be exiting and re-entering a room allowing random items to continually re-spawn. By using this “exploit” you can bypass the need to use micro-transactions and always have resources available if you take the time to collect them.EA has now stated that the item farming “glitch” is actually a feature, not a bug, and one they have no intention of patching. According to EA:“We’ve deliberately designed Dead Space 3 to allow players to harvest resources by playing through the game.”The micro-transactions are there for players who wish to “accumulate upgrades instantly.” In other words, players who don’t want to spend the time searching for the resources they need and just want to progress through the game more quickly. The cost of doing so will be between $1-$3 per resource bought through the crafting system.It’s good to see EA responding to chatter about this being an exploit. It’s also nice to know they are offering an alternative to spending more money while playing the game, especially as it’s a feature that hasn’t exactly been met with open arms by the gaming community.last_img read more