Review Razer Naga 2012 edition mouse

first_imgI have yet to have a conversation with another PC gamer that has included the line, “Wow, you and I have the exact same hardware for playing this game we both enjoy!” It just never happens. You find that one mouse you like, or you can’t play without your gamepad, or maybe your keyboard must be both mechanical and backlit.With this scenario in mind, hardware manufacturers have tried to create modular solutions in order to offer a single product that fits multiple types of people. Once such device is the freshly updated Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse.Unlike many other “gaming” mice, the Razer Naga looks and feels like a traditional mouse. Your left and right buttons and scroll wheel aren’t affected by any other features or buttons. If you wanted to use the Naga as a regular old mouse, you could. If you’re ready to game, however, you can take advantage of the number pad located right where your thumb naturally rests. The numberpad offers you quick access to 1 through 12 by default, and can be configured to do much more if necessary. The buttons aren’t very intrusive, but are soft enough that you can tap them quickly.The Naga feels like a quality mouse: the plastic flexes where it’s supposed to and the USB cord is a nice long braided cord that is just stiff enough to stay when you bend it into place. Naga comes with three different magnetically attachable side profiles, each designed to support a different way to hold the mouse. If you lay your hand across the mouse, or if your fingers wrap around the mouse for grip, chances are one of the profiles will fit your needs. When the profiles are attached, the mouse feels like a complete unit. The design is very well thought out, though once you pick the profile you like it’s hard to not just throw the other two out.This 2012 edition of the Razer Naga supports the new Synapse 2.0 software. When you have a mouse like the Naga, and you’ve spent all that time configuring it the way you want, it’s painful to sit down at another machine even if they have the same hardware. Synapse 2.0 takes your settings and stores them online. This means that if you sit down at another rig all you need to do is install Synapse and log in using your credentials. At that point the mouse will immediately start working exactly the same way as it does at home. All of your settings, any macros that you may have set up, it is all there for you to use. Synapse is a powerful tool for any gamer that just has to have the right setup.For $80 I wouldn’t have a problem recommending this mouse to anyone, which I think is the most powerful feature of the Naga. I would recommend this mouse to regular users as well as gamers, due to usability in both situations. Razer has made a great MMO mouse, especially considering the inclusion of Synapse 2.0, but they also made a great mouse in general.Razer Naga 1Razer Naga 1Razer Naga 2Razer Naga 3Razer Naga Padlast_img read more