first_imgREPUBLICAN  PHILLIP DAVIS ENDORSES  KNIGHT TOWNSHIP TRUSTEEEvery now and then I do something that is out of the norm for me to do, I cross party lines and endorse a candidate because I truly believe that they have performed well in their position, have served their constituents very well and deserve to stay in their current position.This is the case for Knight Township Trustee, Kathryn Martin. This is in no way meant to disrespect or diminish her opponent, Johnny Kincaid, who I truly respect and have appreciated his friendship. My endorsement is based solely on Kathryn’s impeccable record and the recognition that she has received throughout the state as one of the best trustees in Indiana. She has been named the “Trustee of The Year” by the Indiana Township Association. She has been commended by the Indiana State Board of Accounts for her office’s performance.She came into the position after the previous Trustee had abused the people’s trust and left the office over $150,000 in the hole. Because of her leadership, the Knight Township Trustee Office was able to climb out of that deficit and responsibly serve the people of the Township.Another thing that impresses me with Kathryn is her heart to serve the people of the community and Township. Most of us are familiar with how she came into the public eye with her desire to help others when life has struck a blow to them. She served thousands of families with CJ’s bus and added a silver lining to the dark cloud that hung over the heads of children who were going through their own ordeals. Kathryn then took over the Knight Township Trustee office to replace the Trustee that was embezzling the funds from the office.Kathryn did well and earned the support of the people to be elected to keep the position. For a lot of political people, the Trustee position is a springboard to other political offices, but not Kathryn. She loves her job and wants to keep it.  if the voters of Knight Township allow it. I can’t vote for her because I don’t live in her Township, but I urge my friends who can vote for her to give her your support. It’s important to keep the good people in their positions.Sincerely,Phillip DavisFormer Vanderburgh County Republican Precinct CommitteemanFootnote:  Phillip Davis was recently relieved of his Precinct Committeemen position by Vanderburgh County Party Chairman Wayne Parke.  The reason why Mr. Parke relieved Mr. Davis from his Precinct Committeeman position was that he wrote the above letter endorsing  Knight Township Trustee Kathryn Martin (D) for re-election. we are told that Mr. Davis removable from the leadership ranks of the local Republican party may cause a political backlash within the Vanderburgh County Republican party.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more