There was never a contract signed, says football chief

first_imgBy Ras WadadaPRESIDENT of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) Wayne Forde is refuting claims by some Elite Clubs that the present executive is in breach of their contract with the inaugural eight teams of the Elite League.“It is misleading to hear some members say publicly that we have breached a contract. I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there was never a contract signed for the inaugural Elite League tournament.“What is being referred to, and I could be wrong, is the rules of the tournament which did, in fact, state that after two years we would then entertain Relegation and Promotion. However, the Constitution of the GFF clearly states that the Elite League is the product of the GFF.“The constitution also says that we have the authority to regulate and control when we are entering a new season,” Forde explained to Chronicle Sport.Six of the inaugural Elite teams – Alpha, Slingerz, GFC, Pele FC, GDF and Monedderlust FC – according to one of the managers, are not pleased with the manner in which the GFF has gone about expanding the league, but Forde again was dismissive in his reaction to their reasons and gave a historical background.“The executive committee feels satisfied that the process was very inclusive. About two months ago we called all eight Elite clubs to a meeting where we shared with them some of the ideas we had: the management of the league and the changes we want to make, including the inclusion of two more clubs. The clubs decided at that meeting that we should put all the ideas as well as what was discussed at the meeting into a plan.“The Secretariat then spent two weeks putting together the plan with all the changes and rules. We then sent the completed plan to the members who had two weeks to study it after which we convened another meeting on September 9 where all objections were discussed so as to put the final plan together.“So to say that the process was high-handed really bothers me because we did have some level of engagement. I was on the other side of the fence when the League was being planned and I can say that what this present executive is doing is much more inclusive, and that’s a fact,” Forde declared.“Even if members have a different opinion on how the League is built and developed, we, the executive, were elected to do these things. So you can have a strong opinion that differs from the executive, but you have to give us the opportunity to run the sport and this is the principled argument here.“We are convinced, after checking, of course, and being guided by FIFA, that we are the legal authority to adjust the rules of any tournament, even when it is being played. If we feel that there is something injurious to a tournament we can stop the tournament and change the rules. FIFA does it and we are also empowered to do so,” Forde stressed.When quizzed about a letter of apology being demanded by the same six clubs concerning his behaviour at a meeting with the Elite teams, the president replied, “As head of the GFF I always seek to take a posture of humility. I am not above the game and never will I be.“If there is a legitimate case where the president needs to take some action that is considered a form of restitution for something done, I would be more than willing to do it for the sake of football. However, I feel satisfied this is not the case.”The football boss feels that the positive way forward is for the Elite football family to come together and resolve their differences, while hinting that firm decisions will be made in going forward.last_img read more