Wage raise proposals below expectations of working class, Trade Unions

Casablanca – Government proposals to raise minimum wage in public service to 3,000 dirhams an increase by 10%, and in two phases, the inter-professional minimum wage (SMIG) will not satisfy the minimum expectations of the working class and wage-earners in general, said a statement by the three national trade unions.The Moroccan Labor Union (UMT), the Democratic Confederation for Labor (CDT) and the Democratic Federation for Labor (FDT), which were hoping that meetings with the government and the employers’ body will lead to a tripartite agreement to enhance the business climate, condemn the government proposals as lacking a clear vision in dealing with the demands.The commitment by the government to resume the social dialogue after May 1st is an occasion to treat crucial material and social issues related to the working class. Trade unions added that the resumption of the dialogue should also include increasing pensions, implementing the remaining of the agreement dated April 26, 2011, generalizing social welfare cover, improving professional relations and settling social disputes. read more

Pukhouski leader of Motor until 2020 – Babichev comes to Zaporozhye

The best team of Ukraine, Motor Zaporozhye, will have strong team in the near future, after extension of contract with the best player Barys Pukhouski. The 30-years old Belarusian playmaker, absolute leader of national team at World Championship 2017 in France, signed new three-years contract until 2020.Another Belarusian NT member, Maxim Babichev will join team from the South-East of Ukraine. Defensive specialist, experienced line-player signed two years deal. Line player Gleb Kalarash signed deal with German SC Magdeburg. Barys PukhouskiMaxim Babichevmotor handball ← Previous Story Tunisia seek a new NT head-coach Next Story → Carlos Viver is new leader of #Guerreras