Emery Town Has A New Mayor

By Julie JohansenFollowing a paper vote by the four council people in Emery Town, recorder Tara Payne announced Wednesday that the new mayor of Emery would be Amy Sundstrom. Mayor Sundstrom was then sworn in by Payne during the council meeting that evening. Sundstrom will be replacing former Emery Mayor Gary Petty, who passed away in early July.Sundstrom’s term will run until the end of 2021. There were two applications submitted and both were from present council members. Next up, Emery Town will need to replace Sundstrom’s seat on the council.Also during the meeting, a public hearing was opened to receive input on applying for a grant from the Community Impact Board to revitalize the “Old Yellow Church.” Fundraisers and donations have not met the needed amount to accomplish this task. Some citizens spoke about how important it was to keep the church for historical purposes and to honor those who worked so hard years ago to build it. Everyone seemed to agree but felt that as long as it was a grant and not a loan, as the city can’t afford a loan. After discussion by several citizens and council members, the public hearing was closed. A motion was made before the council to apply for the grant and passed unanimously.Members of the council next noted their approval of the recent celebration in Emery. A suggestion from the fire department to find more funds for fireworks or discontinue them brought discussion from the audience as well as the council. Everyone felt that it was important to keep fireworks as part of the celebration but contributions or sponsors are needed to purchase them.Mayor Sundstrom then informed the council that the contract with the post office for the lease of the building was now going through a brokerage firm. She had received a unbinding contract for the lease from this new company. Consideration was given to raising the rent, but no action was taken. More information will be obtained by next meeting.Councilman Pat Sundstrom spoke to the council about property west of Emery, at the bottom of Wildcat, that the Bureau of Land Management may want Emery Town to own/lease to build an ATV parking area. Questions on the number of acres was the concern of the council as well as the expense. read more