More hours, less support for UK’s working women

first_imgRelated posts:No related photos. British women work more hours than their European counterparts, but are notsupported by such generous social welfare schemes, according to research. The Working Women study shows that UK women in full-time jobs work anaverage of nearly 41 hours per week compared with 39 in France and 36 in Italy.The EU average is 39 hours. The number of UK women who do not work because of family responsibilities ishigher than in Scandinavia, Germany, Austria and France. The report suggests that in spite of the extension of maternity andpaternity leave announced this year, the UK still provides less support forworking parents than other EU counties. Hugh Bessant, managing director of research company Key Note, and author ofthe report, said, “New increases in maternity leave, maternity pay andchildren’s and childcare tax credits are signalling a more regulated andsupported social framework for women to balance family and employment duties. “However, these measures still have to take full effect. Our researchshows that working women suffer a real ‘time famine’ and are under far morestress, in particular professional AB women with children.” The number of women in employment in the UK has risen from 11.4 million in1997 to 13.1 million in 2001. The gulf between men and women’s earnings is wider in Britain than anywhereelse in Europe, with British women earning only 80 per cent of the wages oftheir male colleagues, claims the research. More hours, less support for UK’s working womenOn 19 Jun 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. last_img read more

WWE star Nikki Bella announces retirement from wrestling, wants to focus on thriving business

first_imgMarch 25, 2019 /Sports News – National WWE star Nikki Bella announces retirement from wrestling, wants to focus on thriving business Beau Lund FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailJon Kopaloff/Getty Images(NEW YORK) — After almost a dozen years in the ring, Nikki Bella has decided to walk away from pro wrestling and focus on her blossoming business, among other ventures.The former WWE champion, reality star and actress broke the news on her show, “Total Divas,” Sunday night.After going on a big European tour, Bella told her family at dinner that the travel was “really, really rough.”“I realized, ‘Why am I doing this … I don’t feel good,’” she adds. “I really am read to hang up the jersey.”Bella has broken down barriers inside and outside the wrestling ring. She also mentioned how well the women of wrestling are doing now, which might make walking away and hanging up her wrestling boots a little easier for her.Her sister Brie retired recently as well and supported her sister in last night’s episode, saying, “You can hang [your boots] right next to mine.”Nikki and Brie have several professional collaborations together, including a YouTube channel, their own wine label and a clothing brand for active women.Also on the finale, Bella finally confirmed rumors that she had been dating her “Dancing with the Stars” partner, Artem Chigvintsev.She posted a sweet pic kissing the Russian dancer after the episode aired. This is big news as it’s one of her first public relationships after her split from former fiance John Cena.Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.center_img Written bylast_img read more

The Oxford Mentality?

first_imgAre we all slaves to the Oxford mindset? And is it really all that bad, Sam Harding asks.Last week, in a spare hour between a lecture finishing and my tutorial starting, with the essay safely completed and printed, I spent a happy hour in the Grand Café. The scrambled eggs and smoked salmon bagel was the perfect brunch. But upon leaving, I felt a tingling sense of guilt that I’d wasted away an hour that could, and maybe should, have been far more productive and perhaps ‘academic’. I know I’m not the only one to have these self-induced guilt trips. Many students feel an onrush of shame for every hour wasted over coffee, Facebook, long lunches and pub excursions. We have it drilled into us that every minute can, and must, be spent applying oneself to study. My friend from Bristol, who kindly called on Sunday night to bask in the glory of having spent nearly all weekend in bed, albeit with the company of her laptop and the OC rather than the dashing History student she is currently pursuing, did not, when I asked her, feel any guilt whatsoever. She had an essay due in on Tuesday, but it could easily wait until the end of the week. And the term’s reading list was, she admitted, a little too long for her liking (four books), but she could probably read over the holidays. But more than just the artificiality of deadlines and long-winded essay titles, with even longer reading lists, all crammed into one week, is the inherent psychology of the place. It’s hard for anyone to specify, but there is a general sense of work, work, work, and shame on you if you don’t. Having said this, two of my closest friends seemed to have struck a clever, albeit physically demanding balance last term. Throughout the day, they are chained to their desks, ploughing through their work with relentless focus. But when the Tom clock struck seven, the switch was flicked, and an all-night marathon began of drink, drink, drink. Their enthusiasm echoed through the Meadows buildings until the early hours, as they tottered to their rooms. Admittedly, this term they have drawn up strict exercise regimes to balance out the damage inflicted by Messrs. Gordon’s, Smirnoff, and Sauvignon.Indeed, there is a culture of work hard, play hard(er) that runs through the university. And perhaps it is effective, preparing us for after graduation, when many will pour into the 14-hour days of Med School, investment banking, journalism, politics, and law. Employers favour Oxford graduates for more than the reputation. Without tooting our own horns, we are accustomed to working ridiculously hard for prolonged amounts of time, and still finding time to socialise our cotton socks off. Yes, there’s the 5th week blues, but no-one even considers taking a week off, or slacking the pace. We plough on through, not just because we have to, but because we’ve worked out how to.  Perhaps we should all take a bow, and bask in our super-stamina. But don’t worry, narcissists, I’ve no doubt next week’s tutorial will bring us all back to reality.last_img read more

“IS IT TRUE” JUNE 6, 2019

first_imgIS IT TRUE it was reported last year that several significant downtown properties owned and operated by the Kunkel Group have been placed into receivership? …receivership is often a precursor to bankruptcy filings by corporate entities but is not a guarantee that bankruptcy is imminent?…that going into receivership is absolutely an indicator of financial distress but many companies do succeed in emerging from such situations and we sincerely hope that the Kunkel Group finds a way to rectify whatever situation caused these downtown properties to be placed into receivership?  …we wonder what the current status of these properties?IS IT TRUE for over the last several months we have been predicting that Ellis Park will be sold to a New Mexico company?  …that our sources tell us on June 18th the Kentucky Racing Commission will consider the sale of Ellis Park Laguna Development Corporation located near Albuquerque, NM?  …that Laguna Development Corporation is in the casino, hotel, and restaurant business, but not in the horse racing business?  …when members of the mainstream media break the news about this sale on June 18th please remember who announced it first?IS IT TRUE according to the Evansville Courier and Press that Stacy Stevens knows more than most people about how cumbersome local land-use rules can be?  …she’s been a member of the Area Plan Commission board for 16 years and its president for 14 years, and she has a background in both commercial and residential real estate?IS IT TRUE that the EVPL Board Of Trustees recently approved the appointment of Marica  Au as the interim CEO/Director effective as of June 12, 2019?  …that Mrs. Au will assume the full managerial responsibility for the Library operations while the board conducts a national search this position long term?  …we are totally confident that Mrs. Au will guide the EVPL through this transition in style?IS IT TRUE the North Main corridor master plan was designed to replace some street parking, provide an up-to-date bike trail, reduce crime and improve security in that area,  and bring economic development to that area? …it’s been about a year plus since this project was completed?  …we invite you to go to the North Main corridor area and see what kind of new retail businesses that this $14 million dollar public works project have attracted?IS IT TRUE that the former Evansville Icemen Hockey Team paid the Ford Center a $2.00 Facility Fee for each ticket sold ( less a credit for season and group tickets sold) over the last three years for the 36 home games they played at the Ford Center?  …from 2015-2016 they paid Venueworks $119,603?  …from 2014-2015 they paid Venueworks $180,320?  …2013-2014 they paid Venueworks $206,190?IS IT TRUE that former Evansville Icemen Hockey team over a three year period of time paid the Ford Center the following amount of base rent for 36 home games (a range of rent per game of $10,926 to $11,479)?  …from 2015-2016 they paid $413,244 ?  …from 2014-2015 they paid $403,164?  …from 2013-2014 they paid $393,336?IS IT TRUE that Evansville Living does a superb job in bringing us accurate and up-to-date local articles of substance? …they have earned the reputation of being extremely informative, detailed, aggressive and creative in providing their viewers with the current culture, politics, sports, business, lifestyle, entertainment, dining, and the big personalities unique to our region?  …we give five (5) cheers to Kristen and Todd Tucker for producing an incredible magazine for our region?IS IT TRUE in 1998 the Teamsters Local 215 established a Taft-Hartley Scholarship Fund? …the Trustees of the fund are Chuck Whobrey and Rick Voyles as employee Trustees and two Employer Trustees? ..since 1998 the fund has awarded over $3 Million Dollars in Scholarships to sons and daughters of Teamsters members whose employers contribute to the fund? …we look forward to publishing what worthy students will be awarded this scholarship for this year? …the CCO gives five (5) cheers to the Teamsters  Local 215 for establishing the Taft-Hartley Scholarship Fund?Todays ‘Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that Student loan origination fees are nothing more than a hidden tax that burdens students?Please take time and read our newest feature articles entitled “OBITUARIES, LEFT JAB, AND RIGHT JAB,  BIRTHDAYS, AND HOT JOBS” posted in our sections.  Oh, You can now be able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected]’S FOOTNOTE:  Any comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers.City-County Observer Comment Policy. Be kind to people. “Personal attacks or harassment will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site.”We understand that sometimes people don’t always agree and discussions may become a little heated.  The use of offensive language, insults against commenters will not be tolerated and will be removed from our site.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailShare We hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way.IS IT TRUE we wonder what the Board Of Directors of the Evansville Museum has done with the multi-million dollars “PICASSO On Glass” painting?IS IT TRUE that the customers of the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility are about to realize the cost of a half century of neglect as the build out of projects to bring the City of Evansville into compliance with the EPA mandate to cease the practice of dumping raw sewage into the Ohio River are resulting in price increases to cover the debt used to improve the sewers?…over the course of the next two or three years the average water bill for modest usage of 5,000 gallons per month will be increasing by a whopping 37% to $44.53 per month?…that during the same time period the sewer bill will be increasing by a budget busting 21% to an average of $70.07 per month?…this means that in a matter of several years the average customer of the negligent Evansville Water and Sewer Utility will be shelling out $114.60 per month for these basic services?…the required projects are really just getting started and annual increases in the double digits are expected to continue over the next 20 years as the half decade of negligence is methodically corrected?last_img read more

Press release: Major retailers help consumers be greener by burning cleaner

first_img Lidl have committed to only sell wood that adheres to Woodsure conditions, meaning consumers have a guarantee that the fuel meets specified standards, including having the right moisture content and being sourced from sustainably managed woodland. B&Q has trained store colleagues on the benefits of cleaner fuels and more efficient stoves and heaters to help educate their customers. Asda has removed non-kiln dried wood logs and house coal from all of its London stores, guiding customers towards making better choices. Tesco has produced in-store advertising promoting the benefits of “Ready to Burn” solid fuels and where to find them in store. Booker, which provides stock for newsagents and convenience stores across the country, has confirmed it will be including “Ready to Burn” products as part of their autumn/winter range. Together, burning cleaner fuels and using modern efficient appliances produces less smoke, soot, and more heat, protecting consumers and the environment. include tips on what more you can do such as upgrading your appliance, getting your chimney swept regularly by a registered chimney sweep, and avoiding slumbering appliances overnight.Many urban areas are Smoke Control Areas, in which it is only legal to burn using an exempted stove, or use an authorised fuel. This means burning wood or coal on an open fire is not permitted. Check the requirements for smoke control areas in your local area, then make sure you are burning clean, high quality fuel on your Defra Exempt stove by looking for the Defra-supported ‘Ready to Burn’ logo on wood fuels. The consistency of ‘Ready to Burn’ approved logs has ensured our customers have been happy with the performance of their stoves. At Lidl UK we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and are proud to source and sell dry wood which adheres to the quality specifications set out by Woodsure. As well as an intention to phase out the most polluting fuels, the government’s Clean Air Strategy sets out that only the cleanest stoves will be available for sale by 2022. Stove retailers are clear that quality fuels are an important part of ensuring that modern stoves work as efficiently as possible, helping to minimize emissions.Mark Smith from the Whitstable Stove Shop said: Retailers are carrying out a wide range of actions to help consumers switch to cleaner, alternative fuels: The commitments come during the first ever Green GB Week – celebrating the UK’s progress in tackling climate change while galvanising support for further action to protect our environment.Ryan McDonnell, Lidl UK’s Commercial Board Director, said: If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a stove retailer, it’s that the quality of the wood burnt in a log burner is all important and it’s a false economy to do otherwise. Some of the UK’s leading retailers are taking important steps to encourage their customers to buy cleaner fuels to heat their homes and reduce the impact on their health and the environment.Around 38% of particulate matter emissions in the UK come from burning wood and coal in the home, a major contributor to air pollution.But it is possible to reduce emissions significantly by burning drier, cleaner, more efficient products. Retailers including ASDA and B&Q have been encouraging and incentivising customers to purchase ‘Ready to Burn’ wood and ‘smokeless’ products.More than fifty companies are now signed up to the ‘Ready to Burn’ scheme and firewood and briquettes with the Woodsure ‘Ready to Burn’ logo are available from local stove stores through to large outlets, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, B&Q and Wickes.Following the launch of the ambitious Clean Air Strategy, the government held a consultation on proposals to phase out the most polluting fuels. This closed on Friday and the government will be analysing the responses and announcing next steps in due course.Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey said: I encourage all stores to follow their lead, and for all users to stop using wet wood and smoky coal to reduce the amount of harmful pollution to which they unwittingly expose themselves, their families and the environment. Dried wood and smokeless coal make for a better fire both heatwise and healthwise. Burning dirty fuels to heat a home is a huge contributor to air pollution and I warmly welcome this commitment from retailers to help move consumers to burning cleaner fuels for this winter.last_img read more

Press release: Euston works step up a gear as HS2 Ltd signs Construction Partner contract

first_imgAt Euston, demolitions are already well underway, with the former carriage sheds north of the station and site of the tunnel portals, cleared last year. The first tower cranes arrived in January to assist with the demolition of the two 1970s towers at the front of the station, while the demolition of the disused former National Temperance Hospital and IBIS hotel is now almost complete.Alongside demolitions, CSjv are also delivering ecological work and utility diversions, as well as the project’s pioneering archaeological programme across the southern section of the route.Once complete, HS2 will more than double capacity at Euston to deal with increasing passenger demand while freeing up space on the west coast mainline for more freight and commuter services to places like Watford and Milton Keynes.Twin bore tunnels will take the high speed trains west to a new Crossrail interchange at Old Oak Common and onward to Ruislip on the edge of London. After leaving the tunnelled section, the line heads up to the West Midlands and the North.In February 2018, HS2 Ltd, on behalf of the Department for Transport and Network Rail, appointed Lendlease to develop a masterplan for the wider Euston site, which could support up to 14,000 new jobs and almost 4,000 new homes, as well as shops, cafes and public spaces.HS2 services will connect over 25 destinations and 30 million people across the UK. Trains will serve existing city centre stations in places like Glasgow and Liverpool, as well as brand new purpose built stations in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and the East Midlands. Mace and Dragados have a strong track record of delivering some of the world’s most challenging and exciting infrastructure projects and we’re delighted that they’re joining the HS2 team as our Construction Partner for Euston. Together, we will deliver a new landmark station that will be the London gateway to HS2, transforming the way we travel and setting new standards for design, construction and operation. HS2 helpdesk Today’s contract signing marks the start of a close partnership that will last over a decade and transform one of the capital’s most important stations beyond recognition. The successful delivery of the new Euston Station for HS2 is not only important for residents of Camden and London, but it will improve capacity, reliability and journey times for millions of people travelling from the Midlands and the North of England every year. Combining Mace’s unbeatable knowledge of major infrastructure project delivery in the UK with Dragados’s world-class high speed rail expertise we are assembling one of the highest calibre teams in the country to deliver this bold and ambitious vision for Euston. The Mace/Dragados joint venture will act as a Construction Partner, working with HS2 Ltd and the station designers, to coordinate the building of the new station, including platforms, concourse and links to London Underground and other rail services.The appointment completes the roster of major contractors at Euston and marks the end of an exhaustive 19 month procurement process.Together, the 2 firms have a track record of delivering complex and demanding infrastructure projects including Battersea Power Station (phase 2), Mumbai International Airport Terminal Two and work on delivering the Spanish high speed rail network, including the major new Madrid Atocha and Barcelona Sants stations.Mace/Dragados will join HS2’s existing early works contractor, a Costain/Skanska joint venture (CSjv), who already have more than 1000 people at work across the capital carrying out work to prepare for the start of construction. High Speed Two (HS2) LtdTwo SnowhillSnow Hill QueenswayBirminghamB4 6GA Aerial image of HS2 Euston works at night.Welcoming the news, HS2 Ltd Chief Executive, Mark Thurston, said:center_img Jason Millett, COO for Consultancy at Mace, on behalf of the Mace/Dragados joint venture said: Email [email protected] As a result of restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we strongly recommend you contact us by email or phone. We may not be able to access or respond to enquiries received via post. The helpdesk team are unable to transfer calls internally to HS2 Ltd members of staff. Minicom 08081 456 472 Freephone 08081 434 434last_img read more

George Porter Jr., Ivan Neville Lead Funk & Fashion All-Stars Before NOLA Dead & Co Show [Photo/Video]

first_imgGeorge Porter Jr. and Ivan Neville led an all-star New Orleans funk brigade at the Howlin’ Wolf, serving as a sequel to last fall’s emergency replacement show after John Mayer’s medical emergency canceled a highly anticipated Dead & Company gig. Last year’s show sold out in an instant and gave fans who had traveled from far and wide a wonderful consolation prize. Luckily, the sheer amount of talented musicians that call the Crescent City their home makes last-second shows not only possible but likely to be as good or even better than the ones they replace. On the eve of the make-up Dead & Co show on Saturday, the folks behind the replacement party last year decided to do it all again, with a far nobler reason this time around.The promoters wanted to give both residents and early-arriving show-bound visitors a fun warm-up performance while raising money for a truly worthy cause: The New Orleans Musicians Clinic. Many New Orleans musicians are self-employed and working insanely hard for every penny they make. Having a low-cost health care option is crucial to keeping the music playing. At the New Orleans Musicians Clinic, the non-profit charges sliding-scale fees, and a cadre of hard-working medical professionals give their time to healing the bodies of those whose creations heal the hearts and souls of their fans. The funds raised at this show, through ticket sales and donations, were a much-needed help to the organization and gave the whole evening a well-received extra meaning. You can donate to the New Orleans Musicians Clinic here.The host of the evening, Jammin On, showed off some of their latest officially licensed Grateful Dead apparel with a head-turning fashion show that featured models and musicians walking the runway in a wide variety of psychedelic tye-dye and print designs. These weren’t any shoddy garments you would find out in the lot before a show. All the clothes were made from the finest fabrics and materials, in some cases even from remnants of the original Jerry Garcia necktie line. Showing off his wares, Ben Jammin himself took time to thank his lovely wife and co-designer, as well as all the models, musicians, and the audience for making his dream come true with such a successful evening. See a whole gallery of his designs in the gallery at the bottom of the article.After the runway was cleared, it was time to do what New Orleans does best—get funky! The wrecking crew of top musical talent assembled included the aforementioned George Porter Jr. and Ivan Neville, as well as Papa Mali, Ian Neville, DJ Logic, Barry Sless, Kris Royal, Terrence Houston, Terence Higgins, and a number of other special guests, including in a sit-in from Dead & Co and Allman Brothers Band bassist Oteil Burbridge. Playing to their strengths as well as the crowd, Porter led the band through classics from his own legendary band The Meters as well as classics from the city and an assortment of Dead tunes. Our own videographer Rex-A-Vision was on hand and has put together over an hour’s worth of show highlights together for you below. Check ’em out!“Bertha”“Eyes Of The World”“Fire On The Mountain”“Iko Iko” > “Nawlins Medley”“Midnight Hour”When the stars align and people can come together to not just make merry but to help the world at the same time, it is a joy to behold. Last Friday night at the Howlin’ Wolf was more than just a feast for the eyes. There was music in the air, and love in the hearts of all in attendance. The world needs more nights like this, but for now, we should all just be happy we had the one we did.Photos: Voodoo Soup | Howlin’ Wolf | New Orleans, LA | 2/23/2018 | Credit: Rex-A-Vision Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Grape Harvest

first_imgThe new viticulturist hire will be exciting for vineyard owners who need better information on pest control, variety selection and growing practices, Lykins said.Up to this point, many of the advances made in Georgia’s wine industry have been made through on-farm experimentation like the trials being run at the Blairsville experiment station with Dr. Phil Brannen. UGA Extension agent Paula Burke, vineyard consultant Fritz Westover and Trillium Vineyards owner Bruce Cross are also running trials in Carroll County, Georgia.Cross grows hybrid wine grapes that were popularized in the Texas Hill Country and have made wine production in Georgia’s southern Piedmont region possible.Grape varieties like Norton, Lenoir and Blanc du Bois are more resistant to the diseases brought on by the heat and humidity of middle and south Georgia, Burke said.These are not new varieties, but they’re new to west Georgia, and they’ve allowed west Georgia’s wine industry to grow. Burke said that over the past five years, she’s had 10 vineyards open in her region.“These varieties like our Georgia climate a little bit better,” she said. “They’re very vigorous; they actually prefer poor soil and they make great wines.”Burke is working with Westover, who is based in Texas, and the staff at UGA’s Agricultural & Environmental Services Laboratories in Athens, Georgia, to document the best growing practices and variety selections for Georgia’s south Piedmont Wine Country. They’re testing to see what situations lead to the best yield and quality for grapes, but also to see which trellising systems minimize harvest times.Try Georgia Wines“All of these vineyards opening means we’re going to see more local wine out there,” Burke said. “These hybrid varietals will have names that most people aren’t familiar with, but you’re going to see them more and more.”There is an ever-increasing number of Georgia-grown wines available at restaurants and bottle shops across the state. The only thing that people need to do is give them a try, and they will, Lykins said.“There’s still a stigma against Georgia wines,” Lykins said. “But that’s being eroded away slowly but surely, just by people being exposed to our local Georgia wines. Once they try them, they will see that quality wine can and does come from Georgia.” For more information about the how UGA’s Agricultural & Environmental Services Laboratories is using chemistry to improve wine grape growing in Georgia visit . Fall may be known as harvest time for peanuts, cotton and apples in Georgia, but the state’s winemakers would like Georgians to start thinking about grapes when the leaves start to transition to red and orange.Between August and mid-October, Georgia’s 70 or so traditional vineyard owners will harvest just over 500 acres of wine grapes.Thanks to the lack of rain toward the end of the summer, this year’s harvest looks good, said Larry Lykins, President of Georgia Wine Producers, and owner and operator of Cartecay Vineyards in Ellijay, Georgia.“It’s still just farming,” Lykins said. “People forget that when (they’re) sipping on a glass of wine, but winemaking is, first and foremost, farming. You can’t make a better wine than the quality of the grapes that you bring in from the field, so our goal is to simply grow the best grapes we can.”Over the three decades since a fringe group of north Georgia farmers started the state’s first few vineyards, vineyard and winery owners have worked to gain a foothold for the state in the world of wine, while managing the challenges that come with farming wine grapes in Georgia. In the last few seasons, with the addition of multiple north Georgia vineyards, as well as the establishment of vineyards in the southern Piedmont region, Georgia’s wine industry is hitting critical mass, Lykins said.“It started in 1980 with Georgia Winery and Habersham Winery; that was the first wave,” Lykins said. “Then we had the second wave with about 8 to 10 vineyards opening in the 1990s, and then we had a third wave between 2008 and 2012. That’s when we opened.“As for what we’re seeing today, I wouldn’t even call it a wave anymore. It’s just steady growth.”Georgia is no stranger to grape farming. It’s still one of the nation’s largest producers of muscadine grapes, and up until the time prohibition was implemented, it was the nation’s sixth-largest producer of European-style wine grapes and wine.A lot of wine grape knowledge was lost when Prohibition wiped out Georgia’s wine industry, and ever since the restart of the Georgia wine industry, vineyard owners have had a steep learning curve as they’ve grown their businesses.On-Farm Experimentation“Georgia’s wine industry — or more accurately stated, Georgia’s modern wine industry — is relatively new,” said Lykins, who started his vineyard in 2008. “It’s a relatively new winegrowing region, Georgia, and there’s a lot we need to learn. We know some things that work well, but there are still a lot of things that we have to learn from trial and error.”University of Georgia Cooperative Extension has offered support to Georgia’s winegrowers where they can, but Extension hasn’t had money allocated to fund a state viticulture specialist until now. UGA administrators plan to hire that person in the next six months.last_img read more

December 1, 2003 Letters

first_imgDecember 1, 2003 Letters December 1, 2003 Letters LettersJustice Pariente I read the November 1 News article on Justice Barbara Pariente’s battle with breast cancer with mixed emotions. On the one hand, no one who knows anything about the process of being given a diagnosis of breast cancer and then going through treatment could help but feel sorry for what she has gone through. However, as an attorney and a volunteer who has spent many years working to help end the disease, or at least increase the chances of survival, I am thankful for her decision to make her condition public. Breast cancer does not respect title, race, or age. As was observed in the article, even a woman following a healthy lifestyle such as the justice can be stricken. While Justice Pariente could have elected to keep her condition to herself, her decision to make it public and discuss the details of her case will do much to help other women who are not so famous deal with the fears they will no doubt feel when their doctor tells them those three little words. As the justice’s message makes clear, there is hope and the opportunity for a full life after treatment and I am thankful for her willingness to share that message. In this, perhaps more than her judicial work, she has been a true public servant. Robert M. Eschenfelder President Florida Suncoast Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation TV Advertising There is a new advertising rule within the Federal Campaign Finance Law that requires TV advertisers to read a disclaimer and actually appear in the ad themselves. The advertisers are complying reluctantly, but opponents of the rule have hired First Amendment expert Floyd Abrams to fight it. The rule applies to some of the best known people in the country. Has The Florida Bar just passed a new advertising rule? No, but these regulations are as arcane and useless as The Florida Bar’s advertising rules. You see, there is a little known provision of the new Federal Campaign Finance Law that requires candidates — even President Bush — to acknowledge, within the commercial itself, that they are responsible for the content of the ads. They must personally appear in the ad for 80 percent of the commercial. Like The Florida Bar’s advertising rules, it protects no one and inhibits the free speech rights of the advertisers. More importantly, these rules insult the intelligence of the viewing public. David Axelrod, a consultant for Sen. John Kerry, says, “It is just one more example of reform gone amuck.” President Bush has said (just like the undersigned has said with respect to The Florida Bar’s advertising rules) that he intends to follow the law. Undoubtedly, the president and other presidential candidates are hoping the Supreme Court will take the campaign finance law case and do away with this provision. Similarly, many advertising lawyers around the country will hope there will be Supreme Court language that does away with all unnecessary, content-restricting regulations on otherwise truthful and fair advertising. David W. Singer Hollywood Living Wills I am disheartened by the article regarding living wills in the November 15 News. My disappointment stems from the fact that in choosing experts to consult, you omitted the Elder Law Section members. Of all of the sections involved in this issue and with the expertise regarding same, the Elder Law Section should be the obvious choice. In fact, in looking at the requirements for certification [(6-20.3 (c)(5)(A)], the Elder Law Section specifically requires expertise in the area of advance directives and living wills, whereas the Health Law Section and the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section do not. We certainly do not need to or want to be exclusive in educating the Bar or the public on this issue, but it is frankly insulting to not have consulted the section that has this issue as one of its main focuses. It is also embarrassing to the Bar that they do not even know the good work our section does on the vast array of issues of which we are experts. Alice Reiter Feld Tamaraclast_img read more

70 isn’t elderly; Tide Pod law is overreach

first_imgCategories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionWhy is it necessary to refer to a 70-year-old woman as “elderly?” Many, many 70-year-old (and older) individuals are active and are very productive. I don’t understand why it’s necessary to further define this woman when you’ve already published her age.Also, what parent would leave the dangerous pods where a child could access them? Another new law? One that takes simple responsibility away from a parent or caregiver who doesn’t use common sense.Virginia GraneyGlenvilleMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen?EDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homeslast_img read more